Akaroa and Pawpaw Muffins

G’day friends. Hope your Tuesday is treating you mighty fine! We’ve had a good start here as well, despite the mini earthquakes we are experiencing each night. Let’s just hope they stay “mini”.

Since we had a big weekend of training (and when I say “we,” I mean the hubs. Winking smile), we decided to enjoy an easy recovery day on Monday. Recovery day for the hubs means day trip for the wife. YEA!

I suckered him into chauffeuring me to Akaroa for a nice drive and day trip. Akaroa is about an hour from Christchurch and it’s quite quaint as well.

Akaroa is a historic French and British settlement nestled in the heart of an ancient volcano. Explore the village with its colonial architecture, galleries, craft stores, and cafés.”

And that we did!

I know, such a chick day, but a well deserved chick day!

akaroraakarora.jpg 2

I have to say, sometimes it’s nice to spend the day just exploring the scenery and taking a drive. No phones, no computers, just a camera and a good partner in crime.

But what’s a car ride without snacks? I don’t think I leave home without some form of food in my purse. You know, just in case my blood sugar drops within 20 minutes. ha-ha.

I packed a few these up for the road. But I should have known better and packed an extra. Recovery days for most = crazy appetite. Right? Well at least it does for the hubs.




GF "Pawpaw" muffins
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
"Pawpaw" is kiwi talk for Papaya
Recipe type: snacks
Serves: 8
  • ¼c pure cream
  • egg
  • 1⅓ cup chickpea flour
  • ½ cup peanut flour or almond flour
  • ¼ tsp. salt
  • vanilla
  • 1 tbsp. coconut butter
  • ½ cup water
  • lime sweetened dried papaya or mango
  • sweetener (like stevia, honey, etc.) –optional
  • additional spices (like cinnamon, nutmeg, etc.)- optional
  1. Combine dry ingredients in one bowl and egg/cream in another. Add your water to your dry ingredient first then whisk in your egg and cream. Add any extra sweeteners of choice. I did not use any but stevia or honey will make them more sweet. Scoop your batter into muffins pans filling them ¾ way to top. Then add your papaya on the top center of each muffin filling. I also left some without fruit. Both were good!
  2. Bake at 180C or 365F for about 15-18 minutes or until golden brown. Be sure to check the middle to see if the batter has set. Cool for 5 minutes. Enjoy!

These are pretty light tasting so are especially delicious sliced down the middle with a little butter and honey spread. Winking smile



Do you take advantage of day tripping and unplugging?

 I am definitely going to take advantage  of them while we are here.

Do you use other names for certain fruit/veggies?

I love this “pawpaw!” A much more fun word than saying papaya. hehe.

Cheers friends,


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  1. Hi friend, Love ‘pawpaw’. So cute!

  2. Pawpaw is what my cousins called my grandpa. But they also call bell peppers ‘mangos’ It’s a Kentucky thing I think.

  3. LOL I thought pawpaw like some people call their grandma MEEMAW!!

  4. Akaroa looks beautiful!! I say that about every picture you take though. You are so lucky to be in such an amazing place! I love how they call papaya’s pawpaw. I’m pretty sure I call everything by a normal name, but I’m gonna start saying pawpaw so I can be different!

  5. Sounds like an awesome day trip! 😀 Those muffins look delicious too!

  6. Love those pictures! I’ve been mildly obsessed with apricots….So I might have to sub those in these muffins :)

  7. What a beautiful place! I bet it felt so good to unplug and get away. When we are out and about doing family stuff, we rarely check in with the real world. Sometimes it needs to just be you and who you are with. Those muffins look like perfect fuel! Peanut flour is my all time favorite. I bet the hubs was happy you made those little jewels!

    • yes, its definitely a good thing that our phones don’t work here. A necessity that i am learning is not so necessary these days.

      I had my mom ship me more PB flour for this reason, haha. Quite addicted!

  8. Yay! Thanks for posting the recipe! I am the same way – on my recovery days where I’m barely running, I am usually famished! I eat much more often than I do on my hard workout days!
    Glad you got to enjoy a day trip =) The pics are beautiful!!!

  9. aw cute name! I wish my rest days looked like this!

  10. What gorgeous scenery! It’s 18 degrees here this morning– I could go for something more like that!!

  11. Hope hubs training is going well! Im sure it is!
    These muffins look so good, I thought that was chocolate in the middle when you posted a pic the other day, no I know its not!

    Happy Tuesday! <3

    • you could totally make them with a chocolate in the middle, diva style! I like that. Happy Tuesday to you, its actually wednesday here now. Still so WEIRD, i know!

  12. Oh how fun – love the idea of rest day meaning day trip. I wish that worked for me LOL. And yes, I’m almost always hungrier on my rest days.

    • do you guys have any fun little towns around LR? WOuld be fun to go explore and shop, but that would mean you’d have to take a rest day on the weekend. EEK! haha.

  13. love the day chick trip :) I would make Gary take me too haha
    and yes love exploring new places with just a camera and a good buddy with no distractions!!
    and those pawpaw muffins looks excellent!!! YUM

  14. I would take advantage of day-tripping if there were more places nearby that I could go to…and if I could afford it haha. Hopefully when I’m a bit older I’ll be able to do more of that!! Sounds like you had a great day…and those pawpaw muffins look fabulous. I love that they call is “pawpaw”…that’s so cute! Hope you have a great day Linds!

    • are you going to move to FL after you get married? If so, lots of little beach towns to explore, right? I hope you are! that way i can come visit. haha.

  15. Your pictures are so beautiful, makes me want a break from all this snow and ice! I am always super hungry on recovery days, glad it’s not just me.

  16. What an awesome day trip!! I love those unplanned days, but they are few and far in between, yet they really don’t have to be! You are inspiring me to do the same with M soon :)

  17. Those pictures are GORGEOUS!! I love day trips, such a lovely way to see an area. I’m terrible at unplugging, but I’ve been working on that recently.

    Those muffins look yummy – great road trip snack, although I bet you had some crumbs in the car after enjoying those!

  18. yum! love that these are STUFFED! sounds so good

  19. SOOOO wish I had some of those treats with me while I’m here in cali for work!!! they look awesome!

  20. I giggled when I saw this on the fitfluential page. I thought you had somehow managed to grow my hillbilly family’s favorite fruit in NZ!!! They’re AWFUL!! Taste like spoiled banana and devilspit. This recipe however, looks awesome.
    (the hillbilly pawpaw)http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paw_Paw

  21. such gorgeous photos! I want to be there with you exploring cafes and art galleries! I love having unplugged days, especially while traveling. miss you!

  22. Daytripping while unplugging is one of my most favorite things to do! What beautiful pictures…makes me want summer to come back here. :)

  23. partners in “crime” are the BEST! Especially when they just go with whatever you put out there!
    Thanks for the comment – I have decided it’s time to “explore” more of our area this year and we are off to a great start! Those moments are always treasured:)))) I wish we had a camera on the dude all of the time to capture everything!

  24. I make up words, then get called out for doing it (and subsequently stop) :-) So, how long are you there for? It looks beautiful!

  25. I soooo need a nice daytrip to unwind and destress. I don’t think going to the DFW area for work this week is going to cut it.

    The scenery is beautiful.

  26. WOW! What phenomenal photos! You time is certainly going fast there. I love how you began this post with an “Aussie/NZ” accent! :)

  27. That is a fun title right there! I love that you guys got to have such a fun day trip, and those muffins certainly look delicious. With that list of ingredients you just can’t go wrong. :)

  28. That town looks beautiful! I’m glad you are getting the chance to explore some. I need to start day tripping and unplugging more…it is so refreshing!
    Happy day pretty <3

  29. Oh my goodness – sometimes my recovery days are CRAZY I’m so hungry, especially when I haven’t fueled correctly the day before!

    I’m trying to think of food nicknames we have – I know we have them, but I don’t know what they are! I think we’re more prone to other strange nicknames – like for the neighbor kids! Glad you got a real “recovery day” too!

    • oh now i am curious, what do you call your neighbors kids? hehe. And yes, i am the same way when i don’t refuel properly. Such a lesson learned!

      I know school is stressful at the moment but just wanted to say that you can vent to me anytime. I love chatting via email with you. That balance will come!

  30. YES!!! recovery days, for some reason, mean EATING DAYS! i haven’t figured it out yet–always seems so odd since we aren’t doing anything but i pretty much spend all day going from one treat to the next. next up i am gonna have to try these muffins!:)

  31. So pretty. And the muffins look yummy!

  32. Mmmmm, loving everything about this post… The Pawpaw muffins would come in handy in this snowy weather!!!

  33. Beautiful pictures! this looks like my kind of place!!
    unplugging is very important.
    when I am out with my kids I do not check emails..carry a cel phone in case of emergency only.

    • i think its great to teach your kids to do the same. Explore….without television, games, computers, etc. Those were some of my most cherished times growing up!

  34. Aww, looks perfect! I wouldn’t mind such a day trip!

  35. Glad you got a relax day with the hubs! It’s so great to unplug sometimes :)

  36. With scenery like that, even I would be down for a road trip!!!

  37. You have to take advantage of those “unplugged” days enjoy & them. I by accident had my phone on silent this weekend and secretly loved it and sometimes do it, just to take a breather. We’re so plugged in, it’s sometimes ridiculous. Love that muffin name. :)

  38. Those views are stunning! Rest days – physical rest and mental rest – are so wonderful!

    I hope the earthquakes stay mini, too!!!

  39. i thought her were talking about “grandpa” muffins! :) what a beautiful day and i’m so glad you’re enjoying yourself!

  40. Yay, Akaroa is lovely, used to holiday there a lot when we were little. Lots of cool wildlife… dolphins+ seals, fun :) Pawpaw kinda freaks me out a bit, well the fresh stuff anyway, reminds me a lot of perfume… the dried is nice and sweet though. Hope those little after shocks calm down for ya… not good for the nerves, huh?

    • no, not good for the nerves at all! they are coming all the time Lou! I need you and misty to calm my nerves.
      went to the artisan fair and thought of you. xoxo

  41. I bet those could totally ship internationally… ; )

  42. haha i had to learn the aussie lingo fast! It’s all pawpaw and rock melon (cantaloupe) here lol.

    • oh rock melon! i need to start using that. Too funny. what else? do tell.

      • Oh the list could go on forever!!! umm let’s see
        bangers & mash = sausages & mashed potato
        snag = another word for sausages too (lets face it…aussie love a good bbq)
        Tomato sauce = ketchup (although these taste completely different…I still buy and use heinz ketchup to the day…true american at heart)
        prawn = shrimp (but that one’s not too out of this world)
        capsicum = bell pepper
        And the list could go on haha

  43. The picture of that pier is so gorgeous! I love living vicariously through your Kiwi adventures over there :)

  44. Wow those pictures are beautiful!

  45. haha! you and me both girl, i’m the traffic snack KAWEEN. i would never leave home without a snack but i like the idea of leaving all electronics and people behind. just you, the road, and your snacks 😉 sounds dreamy!

  46. No phones, no computers = relaxing!!
    Love taking off on adventures and enjoying the moment =)
    Beautiful pictures!

  47. Wow, Akaroa looks BEAUTIFUL!! and those muffins look really good too :)

  48. Those muffins look good! I never thought of using chick pea flour. They make that??
    Your photos always make me want to travel! Right now summer in Kiwi land sounds goooood.

  49. Oooh, Lindsay! I was there literally this time last year, in Akaroa, with the Kiwi and his Mum! We saw a gorgeous big seal on the beach, and went for a wonderful hike, and had fish and (kumura) chips by the water! SOOO much fun. Akaroa is breathtakingly beautiful. I really hope the mini quakes stay mini too – sending you unshakeable thoughts! <3 day trips are heavenly, such a wonderful way to get back to what matters – each other, and NOW – and NZ is the most beautiful place to unplug in nature! So peaceful! Oh how I wish me and the Kiwi were there too, right now. <3 Big love! xyx

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