Tropical Cranberry Healthy Bites

Did you happen to see Mrs. JG’s post the other day about “Adventurous April?” .


I’m kinda diggin it. Okay, I am actually Lovin’ it! Why? Cause it challenges us to step out of our comfort zone. Any comfort zone! Yes, you can have something other than OATS for breakfast, haha. That’s a little food blog humor.

But in all honesty, take a look at what you are doing. Is there anything that is “same old, same old?” I know I have plenty.

For instance, take Heather. Skipped her normal lunch time workout to go meet a friend for lunch. Is that adventurous? Well yes if you are used to routine. Was it beneficial? HECK YES! It made her day and meant so much more than just a normal lunch time visit. You can read about it yourself here.

I’d say I am way out of routine, and that okay. I am being adventurous by letting the YOGI in me shine. Cardio? What’s that? Slow walks with the dog are way more adventurous… okay only when she chases deer. Winking smile Haha. I all honesty, learning to do less and “absorb” more is my adventure. Learning to deepen my YOGA practice from the inside out is adventurous. Learning to live slowly, well heck, that’s adventurous in this fast paced world, yes?

So take the challenge. Whatever adventure it may be, and embrace.


Start small if need be. Say with….. new flavors?



Passion fruit, Blood-orange, and Apple Cinnamon Chobani.

DSC03104.JPGo-matic (2)

OH MY… GET OUT AND TRY SOME. Yes, I am sure 90% have already tried these new adventurous flavors, but if you haven’t.. GO NOW.. STOCK UP!

And you know what’s even more adventurous about these new chobani flavors?……

Eating them topless. Winking smile


Just kidding, please don’t do that unless you are 2 and this cute!

Healthy Bites also took the challenge and created a new ADVENTUROUS FLAVOR.

And I thought I’d be even more adventurous and share the recipe myself. I better be winning this challenge with that, right? hehe.

Tropical Rum CRAISIN



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Tropical Rum CRAISIN
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
Recipe type: Healthy Bite
Serves: 30
  • 25 grams Tropical flavor Protein (i used Jay Robb)
  • 25 grams Vanilla Protein
  • 2 tbsp Coconut Flour
  • 2 tbsp shredded coconut (unsweetened)
  • 6 oz chopped dried pineapple
  • 3 to 4 tbsp craisins
  • 1 tsp rum extract
  • 2 tbsp chopped dried banana chips
  • 3 tbsp almond butter
  • ¼ cup honey (give or take)
  1. Chop all your dried fruit and place in bowl. Then add in your powders and flour. mix well. Add in your almond butter, extract, and honey. Mix again with hands and roll into bite size balls. Roll bites in the shredded coconut and place on wax paper.
  2. Store in freezer for the first 30 minutes, then keep there or place in fridge for later storage. Either works. I store mine in the freezer. THey will last there for up to 6 weeks and are good at room temp for about 4 hours before getting soft.


Alright, your turn. Sign up, get adventurous, get crazy adventurous!

And definitely make these healthy bites!



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  1. Thanks for the mention sweetie. I appreciate you so very much. And love the idea of being more adventurous. First off the bites look awesome and eating Chobani topless…maybe we should all give it a shot 😉

  2. So creative with your healthy bites! I need to get some more in my belly…for longer runs ASAP! I need to think about how I’m going to step outside my “comfort zone” this month. I’ll tweet it, when I figure it out…xoxo

  3. you mean we get the recipe to the tropical rum craisin bites, too?! sweet! I will need to see how I can… wait, I was adventurous! I did my first freaking mud run this last weekend. sweet!

    would have never signed up for it it it wasn’t for the Irish. 😉

  4. Mmmm I want one of those healthy bites right now! Love the tropical flavors.

  5. Haha, eating yogurt topless may be the only way I can convince Tony to eat yogurt (well, if I was topless anyway, but even then he would probably be focused on something else). I think my life is about stepping outside of that comfort zone and while it’s been a crazy ride lately, it has been fun!

    Great post and perfect message!

    • haha, i know james would eat the whole carton if i was topless too. Ohh men! and so good to hear from you friend. I am sooo wanting our coffee date.

  6. YOGA! <3

    Yay for rocking the pink wunder unders, I know you said you were going to!!1

    I need those healthy bites, ahhhhhh!!!


  7. Woohuu for being more adventurous this month! I can’t wait to try out some new things!! Your healthy bites look AMAZING!! yum yum! I’ve been thinking of adding yoga too, I’ve only been to one class in like 3 years, less cardio more yoga for us :)

  8. i love the adventure challenge & i love that you’re discovering your inner yogi (isn’t it so hard and so rewarding to sit and truly be in your own head?)
    ps, i also love the new healthy bite! i’m almost done making all of the ones in the e-book!

  9. The healthy bite recipe sounds great — we’ve reverted back to winter here in NY so I could use a good tropical treat!

  10. I am either tired or need a glass of wine as I read over the rum healthy bites recipe 4 times wondering where the alcohol was? haha that would make them REALLY adventurous!
    and I’m going to have an adventure…but it’s in May, so I’m going to force the adventure into two months! :)

  11. Those healthy bites sound delicious; I can’t wait to try them! By the way, is your dog so happy to have you guys back home?

  12. oh yes to be adventurous, um not my strong suit, haha

  13. Those look delicious. They make me want to go on vacation. An adventure vacation, of course.

  14. That little person is SO adorable!
    And that recipe looks great – all your recipes look great! I think maybe my “challenge” will be to pick one each week to make.

  15. Aww, the little yogurt coated,topless girl is TOO cute!

    I made your last posted recipe for healthy bites( and have made them maaaany times since) and LOVED them! And I have all the ingredients in these except the pineapple-but I’m thinking my dried mango will make a mighty fine replacement:), can not wait to try this recipe!

    Way to go for trying to slow down in your fast paced & full life- I hope you are taking care of yourself and making yourself happy- not JUST the hubs:).
    Easing back on intense cardio/workouts once in a while is definitely a challenge I should probably take up:/.

    • i recommend the less cardio for a while. does good for the soul, although hard mentally. ha!

      and yes, i am definitely trying to take more care of me in order to care for the hubs. wise words!

  16. Thats something I really want to work on- being more adventurous and SPONTANEOUS!

  17. I love this mantra!! I shall be adventurous and keep at the yoga think at least once a week this month in hopes that it improves my flexibility, and in turn, my running and barre work. AND try these delish looking tropical bites 😉 XOXO

  18. Oooo yummy those look so good! I bet they would taste amazing alongside a fruity adult beverage too 😉

  19. I love the idea of stepping out of routine, out of comfort zones, out of “normalcy” — it always leads to learning something new, about yourself, your environment, your relationships, etc.

    I also love that these healthy bites are en route to my house as we speak! MMMM!

  20. I’m a huge creature of habit. I need to try this! Love the “topless” pic…LOL My daughter had breakfast topless today too.

  21. says:

    The blood orange is to die for….I could eat that for every meal:) SO GOOD. I love that you are finding your inner yogi. It is so fun to try new things and adventure into different areas of fitness…LOVE IT!

    • me too! i love that citrus kick. I want a grapefruit flavor next. hehe. And i wish i could yoga with you, how cute would that be with your little belly. tee hee. xoxo

  22. YUM! That sounds like a delightful combo!

  23. Oh this post must have been written just for me. I am a terrible creature of habbit. But you know what today I checked the weather before my workout. It said 17mph winds and 35 degrees. brrr! Normally I would just hop on the treadmill but today I ran outside despite the conditions and saw the most gorgeous sunrise ever. So so proud of me for breaking the routine. :)

  24. Im just getting into yoga…now that I’m temporarily a “house wife” I have more time, yay :) I just got a yoga mat & block today.

  25. Julia @ Pain, Pride, Perseverance says:

    eeeeeekkkk!!! love love love me some healthy bites :) i need to get more adventurous in my attempts at my own versions. haha. my adventure lately has been trail running! who would have ever thought how much i could love it and that it would be just the pick-me-up I needed lately to get out of my “running funk” :) hope you have a fantastic day LC!

  26. we are getting more adventerous over here since Cassidy is now big enough for a helmet and my bike seat! We went for our first ride yesterday!

  27. Mmmm, those are some good lookin’ bites. :) I can’t think of many adventurous things that I’ve done lately. That’s a problem that needs fixin!

  28. I think a marathon counts as an adventure – but maybe not as much as something truly stepping out of my comfort zone would! I’m totally willing to take this on – I just have to think about how!

  29. YES! I love JG’s idea! and you are too funny! Can I eat chobani topless if I’m at home, by myself, with the blinds closed? :)

    The NEW HB look delish as always–planning to order some from you!

  30. i do read Janetha’s blog and i love the adventurous april idea too…i’ve been doing it on my own down here and it has helped me bust some ruts and be okay when things don’t go as planned…and inspires me to do more.

    ps- i wish i could come out to Austin soon because this may be the only time you and i can actually work out together!! lol. yes Zoe and i do need a personal trainer for walking. embrace your yogini girl and just let go…

  31. I loved heathers lunch date too! And I love this post. Love that you are working on walking, being present and your yoga practice. I would love to join this challenge to by eating only vegan for a month and getting into crossfit :)

  32. i flipping love you!!! thanks for the shout. also, i hope you send your adventures into me so i can feature them on my roundup. those bites look fantastic!

  33. What?!
    No real rum? How adventurous is that? 😉

  34. Um yes. Those new healthy bites look and sound amazing. Oh Adventurous April. I need to get on it. Such a fun thing. Also can’t wait to scarf down some of those chobani’s once my tummy gets used to dairy again. :) Love ya!

  35. Im in for the topless this morning.
    is that wrong? :)

  36. Alright I am in! I am definitely going to be more adventurous this month. What a great idea and now I am kinda looking forward to it :)

    Those tasty bites look way good. I best be making them for myself as well!!



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