A “Whoa” Weekend

Whoa.. .like really whoa! I know most of us had a whoa weekend. Whoa it was crazy good, like Blend retreat.!  Whoa is it was crazy exciting, like the several who  raced! Or whoa it was crazy weird and busy, yet still somewhat soothing?? oh yes, that was me. Let me explain.

This weekend was crazy weird because my email went haywire on me.


This weekend was crazy busy because I was in the kitchen each day making Healthy Bite orders. YEA! Smile with tongue out

vanilla figcherry crisp

This weekend was soothing because I didn’t worry about the outcome. I didn’t make a to-do list. I escaped and had some “yoga” time and a little “outdoor” time.


And I might have done my first workout in 8 weeks, thanks to Lori! An all bodyweight workout. Soothing and satisfying!


And after a long weekend, we’re making it a half day Monday and doing this.



Yep, it’s all good.

May Mantra.. “Blessed Awareness

What kind of WHOA WEEKEND did you have?



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  1. Sounds like the Healthy Bites business is doing good! Love to hear that my friend. Yay for getting in the workout too. That must have felt great. And I think lots of outdoor time is a must for weekends!

  2. Technology is great until it isn’t, right? So frustrating. But maybe you should just consider it flattering that someone tried to hack into your account? 😉 At any rate, it looks as if you had a great weekend. Mine wasn’t “whoa” in a fun retreat sense like so many others, but I did end up getting a lot crossed off my to-do list and gained some awareness along the way. Sometimes that’s a “whoa” that’s entirely too necessary and welcomed, even if it doesn’t feel like it at the time.

    Have a great week, my friend!

  3. That looks like a crazy good weekend. I did have a whoa weekend, like whoa where did it go?!? And whoa I just road 100 miles! etc. I think I would like more of that soothing part now.

  4. Sounds like a crazy weekend! Glad you got your email back!!!
    We really had a slow weekend…..the one whoa moment was when my sister and I made red velvet fudge…it was awesome! 😀

  5. Must order my healthy bites this week!

  6. Wow! Those healthy bites look and sound amazing!!!

    I had a great weekend filled with Yoga, Running, Family and Friends! Whoa…is it already over?! 😉

  7. Those healthy bites look and sound so good! :) Glad you had a good weekend!

  8. Those healthy bites look great!!! My weekend was full of friends, food and fun. I can not complain at all!

  9. it sounds like a full weekend but one filled with so many things you love (besides email hackers!) :) hope today is full of relaxing and slowing down a bit to gear up for the week ahead! my weekend was full of “whoas” that had me take a step back often…but all were accompanied by lessons so now I am left just listening, growing and preparing to move on to more fully enjoy the next moments which I am sure will also be filled with “whoa” :)

  10. I LOVE the idea of not worrying about the outcome — how often do we live and die by the idea of outcomes vs. embracing moments, embracing our paths, embracing our journey in life? You always bring me such perspective at the EXACT right time.Love you!!

  11. you deserve a relaxing monday! I had a recharging weekend almost entirely spent outdoors with friends. Loved disconnecting from the computer for the most part. Dined outside, shopped, went for a great walk, and started teaching myself how to slack line!

  12. your bites are sooo amazing!!!!!! When I’m better I’m going to start doing yoga! I hope you have a blessed week.

  13. That sounds like an awesome weekend, full of whoa moments. Not worrying about the outcome is SO hard but almost key to getting through the rough stuff, right? I love your lulu pants in the last pic! Those are so cute! I had a whoa weekend filled with simplicity, unplanned-ness, and lots of b9 :-)

  14. I love your outlook on life. You must have a pretty juicy and exciting email account to have been hacked into =) LOL
    I need to try these famous healthy bites!! I hope to place an order today! YAY!
    My whoa weekend included running a marathon (over 3 days – HA), spending time in our new house (we close in a week – aghh) to measure windows, mirror space in bathrooms, etc, family time, and lots of eating =)
    Hope you have a wonderful Monday!! xoxo

    • you are amazing! i hope i am half the mother you are some day Michele. Inspiring too! ANd a new house? WOW! Lots going on. rest up and you now know my new email for ordering, hehe.

  15. We had a pretty relaxing weekend… pool and sunshine and got in a good run on Sunday. Lots of movies, haha. It was much needed!

    I’m liking that bodyweight workout too!

  16. Woah, what a weekend! So sorry about all the email issues. Crazy!

    I had a great weekend… very relaxing and filled with blessings <3

  17. BLEND was amazing – it really was like Whoa! I could have used today off to recover from all the fun, but that didn’t quite happen. :) Next year, I hope you get to come play with us!!

  18. Sounds like a wonderful weekend! And I love those purple pants in the 2nd-to-last photo.

    My Whoa this weekend was learning I can handle a whole lot more hard training than I thought!

  19. I am so happy to hear that you got to work out. I can only imagine how satisfying it must have felt!! Slowly but surely, right? I too love the idea of not worrying about the outcome. I need to work on that a bit more. I wish I had a whoa weekend. Sadly, mine was filled with work. Boo!

  20. Sounds like you had a great weekend! I love that…except for the email part. Yikes, that’s an unwanted mess! It was definitely a whoa weekend, but a good whoa. We celebrated free comic book day (for Tony’s work), hung out with friends and relaxed as a family. Now, it’s back to business today and it feels good! Oh and I love that you got in a special workout. I’m hoping for more like that for you soon! xoxo

  21. Think I’m going to have to try that workout this week! I wrote it down on my colored index card. :) Seriously cannot wait to place an order of Healthy Bites. My belly is due for some! xoxo

  22. Well my woah weekend was…well, woah how can anyone feel this sick…fever, chills, sweats…and now at the dr to see if i have strep. Woah, 3 days of not eating and sweating through clothes, blankets, etc…sucks!

  23. Yay for booming business :-)

  24. I flew to Santa Monica, had margaritas on the pier for Cinco de Mayo, stayed up for 24 hours straight, and then spent yesterday exploring (and shopping!). I think I’ll extend the weekend till tomorrow :-)

  25. janae@hungryrunnergirl.com says:

    A half day today wahoo…enjoy every second. i am so glad you were able to get outside and to yoga. BOO to your email getting hacked, that is lame. Hope you are having a great day and your healthy bites made my stomach growl.

    • i wish i could come feed you healthy bites and treat you well today. hehe. What an exciting weekend you had. Rest up, tomorrow is Tuesday. xoxo

  26. NO to-do list? I’ll have to try that some time. Let me put that on my list…oh…wait…!!!

    • oh there is a to do list, just decided not to live by it ! haha. Glad to hear things are going well with you. I follow all your posts. :-)

  27. I had one “whoa” of a hike at the BLEND RETREAT this weekend. It knocked me on my ass man.
    I just got off a red eye this am and now I’m a work. That is also whoa. Maybe a half day is in there for me too : )
    Love your purple pants, by the way. I need to get me some.

  28. Sounds like a pretty great weekend to me. :) Except the e-mail hacking…Yikes! I hope you got everything taken care of and can breath again. Have an amazing day!

  29. You are SO beautiful! I really hope we get to meet one day girl! Even if I have to come there for a trip, I know we would get along so well and I love having people in my life like you that have the most beautiful and positive energy in the world!

    THANK YOU for spreading May Mantra, that means so much to me! I am really excited for the first week post tomorrow! Love you!!!!

    LOVE the lululemon leggings!!

  30. Aw man- what a bummer about that whole email situation, Hopefully your all set now! Looks like a mighty fine bodyweight workout if I ever saw one.. can’t wait to give it a try :)

  31. Great job for your first weekend in 8 weeks!! It must have felt nice, now that you are feeling more healed and rejuvenated. And great job and not worrying about the outcome, worry free is something I strive to be more of! That is silly about the e-mail issues, aren’t hackers just the worst?!

  32. Mine was like “Woah relaxing” haha. Sadly, no margaritas were consumed, but I did make fajitas!

  33. sounds like the perfect weekend except for the hacking…..so glad healthy bites is keeping you busy and so glad you are having a good monday. i love my ride on saturday….that was all good!

  34. That is just great that the business is doing well! As it of course would be with items coming out that are, yum! Good stuff overall, well except for the hack, ugh!

  35. Sounds like you’re getting some business for healthy bites!! Mine was “whoa spending lots of time with the fiance” :D. Loving that he is here!! Hope you’re having a great Monday friend <3

  36. I want to take a half day Monday! But, it’s already been a 10 hour day. Ugh. I gotta get out of here!

  37. I’m so glad that you can kick your feet up and enjoy a restful Monday! My “whoa” this weekend what J’s “whoa” when I surprised him at work with a plate full of brownies! such a good “whoa”. :)

  38. Tried to email CotterCrunchies. She didnt respond. Made donation to a Prince in Europe because he said he knew CotterCrunchies and was making her a diamond present. Tried to buy Starbucks, credit card declined. That’s weird. Received an email from PostMaster, I guess that is the new name of CotterCrunchies from now on. She types in weird code. Eh.

  39. Whoa weekend sounds lovely. I’d like to be sitting with y’all and Sadie on the porch with coffee :) My whoa weekend was filled with nothing but training and packing & organizing for camp! :) Nice change from making lesson planes and schoolwork. My biggest whoa came from realizing that I’ve offically FINISHED my third degree! 😉

  40. Whoa as in super busy… running around like a headless chook trying to achieve a bazillion things, but not actually getting much done? Hmmmm. Anyway it was beautiful + sunny so that’s the main thing :)

  41. Yes it was a big week for a lot of people. There were tons of races this weekend. I had a great weekend. Signed the lease to our new apt. Cant wait to move in and I had my marathon which was good. I mean I did get a little sad at one point today about my time and then I realized that I didn’t train to do any different and whoa I ran 26.2 miles. That’s a lot and easy to forget when your running so much. So I am back to being happy about it. :)

    Glad you had a great weekend!!

  42. oh no, hate when my emails get all screwed up.
    wish I was better with technology

    lori and i had a great weekend, full of a lot of nothing!! it was great

  43. Yay for the workout. And those healthy bites look AMAZING!!

  44. Yay for getting a workout. Hope it felt okay. And awesome that Healthy Bites are doing so well. I’m not going to lie, I crave them pretty much on a daily basis. He he. Hope your half day Monday was a good one. :)

  45. I saw you were a busy lady in the kitchen! Looks like a fun weekend nonetheless.

    Love those tights!

  46. Wow, sounds like a really filled and fulfilling weekend! I hope your email is working again now! I did a lot of piano and guitar this weekend and also some work, but more playing. :) And some nice walking. :) Hope the workout made you feel great! And half day Mondays sound like a great idea, I wish it was possible more often!

    • I wish i could come walk with you. That would make a great weekend, then listen to you play the piano. Beautiful. Will you post some of your music?

  47. Adri @FoodieBeFit says:

    Gurl! I feel ya! I had similar kind of “whoas!” Over here as my laptop caught a nasty virus and was left useless. And I was like “whoa! Can’t even remember the last time I backed up!” Waiting to see what kind of “whoa!” I’m going to get when I get back depending on how much they save and how much re-organizing I will have to do. So yeah! I tried to put it all behind me on Sunday after I realized “whoa! I need some R&R” and so I did.

  48. My WHOA weekend? My husband and our kids got into an accident thanks to some dink of a woman who ran a red light. All’s good, though, because the cop in an unmarked car saw the whole thing. :)

    I need to have some of those Healthy Bites. They make me drool. lol

  49. sounds like an intense weekend! i went to blend which was great!! i was definitely tired after though-lots of workouts!!

    ive been meaning to order some healthy bites btw…ill get on that..but give u a break first since u just sent out a huge order haha

    • oh i meant to comment on your blog!! i wish i could have been at blend with you and fed you healthy bites you cute pregnant woman! and yes, email me healthy bites. Love to send you some!

  50. Blessed awareness… amen! Love it!

  51. def had a crazy weekend too! i wasnt at blend although i do wish i was :( :( but i did go to an awesome concert and visited some family! mmm <3in that big old salad you've got going on there! xoxo

  52. Mmmm the healthy bites look good! Sorry about the e-mail biz.

  53. Sounds like a wonderful weekend!
    My big whoa of the weekend was three beautiful days camping in Jasper, full of family, fun, and fabulous scenery!

  54. Giselle says:

    I am always waiting for weekends because I have to say, it is one of the days as well my kids are always waiting for because they want to play and I also want to have time with them..

  55. Laura @ LauraLivesLife says:

    You had a crazy weekend – hopefully your email is up and running now? I ran my second marathon and have been crazy busy ever since! (hence the way late blog catch-up!) hopefully this weekend is calmer!

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