80/20 Friday

80/20. That’s a good ratio, right? Except for vision. Winking smile

I like to think that I live an 80/20 ratio with a majority of things in my life. 80% of the time working towards wellness and balance, 20% not giving a hoot.

For instance, yesterday we left for 9hr car ride to NOLA (race weekend), and my 80/20 was totally put into action.

80% of the time of LOVE road trips. The adventure, the memories, etc. Plus who doesn’t like looking at this cute face.


20% of the time I dislike road trips. Although I am lucky I am the passenger. But my brain turns to mush trying to come up with car games for 9 hrs.

80% of the time we pack healthy gluten free snacks and drinks for our road trips (thank you larabar and love grown granola!!!)

IMG_20120417_165639lara lime

20% of the time we give into our sugar and caffeine cravings. This usually happens after 6+ hours in the car. A whole new kind of entertainment emerges as well. Smile with tongue out


80% of the time I love stopping in “small town” USA to take pictures and admire it’s character.


20% of the time I ask the “driver” to put the pedal to the metal and GET THEE TO OUR DESTINATION. Again, this usually happens after 6+ hours in the car.


80% of the time of the time I think of fun or informative blog topics to post about.

20% of the time I totally check out and you’re stuck with random. Consider this blog post that 20%. Winking smile


Do you have a 80/20 ratio in your life?


I hear my race SHERPA named being called.




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  1. 80% of the time my jokes are funny! 20% of the time people are good at fake laughing! So 100% of the time my perception works in my favor!

  2. I like your random post. And you crack me up with, “A whole new kind of entertainment emerges as well”.

    I LOVE road trips 80% of the time, too. But definitely agree that the last 20% of the trip I want the pedal to the medal too.

  3. Sable@SquatLikeALady says:

    Haha oh you knowwwwwwww I relate to this! I think I’d be perfectly happy to never go on another roadtrip again though. 3 cross-country moves in 3 years is enough! haha!

  4. I love this random post!!

    It’s such a good idea to think about your 80/20. Coffee is definitely in my 80 column and I should probably work on moving it to the 20 since my friends started to say, “this is how Siobhan must feel after two cups of coffee in the morning!” haha

    Happy Race Weekend!

  5. It might be random, but this was a fun post! Have a great time in NOLA – I think the run course is similar to the marathon course I ran. Tell James to watch his footing, the roads are kind of bad. :)

  6. I love this post so much!! Roadtrips are always so much fun…except when you just wanna get there already haha
    Let’s see….80% of the time I dress in comfy workout clothes and 20% of the time I wear real girl clothes 😉
    Have fun in NOLA and eat some beignets for me!

  7. Fun fun!! What city was that hotel in? I think I’ve passed that one before on trips to FL.

  8. I like this post! it’s cute! Makes me think of what I do 80/20!! :) more like 20/80! ha

  9. 80% of the time I love running/20% of the time it makes me cry! 100% of the time I hate tapering, but I think I could learn to love that if I could also learn to love the quiet too! Have a great trip and drive (drove?) safe!

  10. I love the 80/20 rule!! That is so true. Everything in moderation. Though I 80% of the time hate road trips. Maybe with M I would like them tho 😉 good luck this weekend!!!!

  11. 80/20 is a good way to be! (I love the 20% not giving a hoot!) 😀

    happy race weekend – good luck!

  12. wow…6+ hours before the double shot?! dang…I’m impressed. I believe the coffee on roadtrips should be consumed at an average pace of 1 grande/2hrs. 😉 I’d be 80/20 but reversed of what you said- 80% of the time I give in to the coffee and 20% of the time I drink a non-caffienated beverage! 😉
    can’t wait to hear more about NOLA…so jealous and wishing I was there with y’all and see New Orleans…and race too.

  13. So so glad to hear you made it safely to your destination. Best of luck to the hubs this weekend.

    I think I might be more of a 50/50 gal myself. :0 Just can’t ever seem to make up my mind. haha

  14. GOOD LUCK this weekend to the hubs and to you being the best dang SHERPA out there! I’m usually 80/20 on the weekends and it usually involves food and alcohol. It’s my time to let go, relax, eat good food, and zone out…It’s the weekend, so bring on that 80/20! 😉

  15. HA! I love your 80/20 rule — and that this post fell into the “20%” category!! Hehe, I would’ve loved to join you two on your road trip, even though very lonnnnnng, I’m sure we could put our heads together to come up with some fun car games to pass the time (how about this one: “how many healthy bites can you fit in your mouth at one time?” haha oh man, I’m totally slap happy today, clearly, don’t mind me!!)

  16. Great post! It reminds me of the importance of balance in life. I hope you had a fun road trip (I do so love me a good roadtrip….nothing like moving… not staying still to perk me up).

    As for my 80/20… well, 80 percent of the time I eat truly healthy yummy food… and the other 20 percent of the time I’m telling myself I will eat healthier tomorrow while I shove icecream in my face. :)

    Have a great day!

  17. ha ha loved this post! i can’t wait to hear how it goes. enjoy and enjoy the 20%. i love that ratio!

  18. totally have 80% sweets on my mind right now and 20% healthy food on the brain. I def cant EVEN imagine what I will be like SUNDAY after my FIRST Half marathon. Kinda NOT sure how I will be and what I will wanna eat haha

    Good luck to your hubby this weekend! and i loved the post!

  19. VERY creative! 80% of the time I put things into numbers because I’m a math geek. 20% of the time my brain can’t make change at the gas station. Good luck to you both this weekend!

  20. So glad i got to be part of your road trip yesterday!! Lots and lots of good luck wishes to JC and you are seriously the #1 sherpa of all times.

    80% of the time i wished i never had to work again and could live on the beach. 20% of the time, im sleeping so i dont think about that 😉

  21. Is that coffee in a can?!

    Nothing wrong with caffeine… I cannot live without my daily cup(s). mmmm – bet your missing the NZ coffee, they really know their stuff over there.

    I’m random probably 95% of the time :)

  22. Good luck to your hubs this weekend!! Glad to know you arrived safe. I am always good with road trips for the first 2 hours, then I just want to get there already! Have a great weekend! 😀

  23. I think 80/20 is pretty much right on…stop when your about 80 percent full…eat clean 80 percent of the time..it looks like you are right on!!! :) Safe travels…and I am right there with you in regards to car trips!

  24. This is so spot on! I’m the same way when we go to conventions! I try to keep things lively for sure so Tony stays pumped. Good luck to James and have fun at Cafe Du Monde!

  25. I hear you on road trips! My trip from FL to CA was great mostly but had some crappy times for sure. This is the game we played every day in the car… “Dem Cows are Mine”. We played from 8am to 6pm . The person that has the highest points at the end of the day wins! You have to say the words in quotes to get the points :)

    +1 pt – “Dem Cows are mine” if you see cows (1 pasture is 1 pt)
    +1 for you and -1 for opponent – “Milk Cow” If you see a milk truck
    -1 pt (for opponent) – “Dead Cow” if you see roadkill
    – All pts (for opponent) – “All your cows died” – if you see a cemetery

    You can go negative in the game, so if you see a barn you yell “Zombie Barn!” to get from negative to Zero cows.

    It’s fun!

  26. 80/20 seems spot on to me! That seems like a magic number that can be incorporated into several aspects of life… love your use of the 80/20 :)
    Have a nice weekend dear!

  27. Love this Linds! Hope your travels are/were safe! Good luck to the hubs for racing this weekend! I would love to go back to New Orleans. I haven’t been since I was like 11 haha and I think I would enjoy it! Btw, have you heard anything from the doctor yet?? I would say that 80% of the time I am pretty okay with my body and the other 20% not so much…it’s a work in progress!

  28. 80% of the time I am CRAZY, 20% I am somewhat sane 😉

    Yup Yup, just ask my son and husband, although they would say 100% crazy, haha!

    Good luck hubby!! <3

  29. Great post- I bet you could actually apply the 80/20 rule to lots of things in life! And, impressive that you only give in to non-healthy road trip snacks 20% of the time…I think that one’s 50/50 for me!

  30. Love this. It’s all about balance, huh? I totally have an 80/20 ratio in my life too. 100% is boring and stifling. 😉 I’m in love with your attitude…I look forward to reading every day, Lindsay!!!

  31. I definitely try to live by the 80/20 rule. I used to love long road trips. Love stumbling upon new and unexpected things as well as zone out on the road (of course not literally zoning out). However, the entrance of children into my life have completely changed my perspective on being stuck in a car for more than 15 minutes.

  32. 80/20 = sanity. 80% of the time i try really hard to give myself a break. 20% of the time i forgive myself for being a perfectionist and just deal with it! after all, it does not good to keep beating myself up … for beating myself up!

  33. all the best to the hubs and team cotter this wknd! i will be following online and cheering. sending you both lots of strength!!

  34. Hmm 20% of the time I actually like road trips. 80% I love stopping for coffee in a small little coffee shop.

  35. So funny, and so true! Although, I think your funny and informative blog post statistic is way about 80%!

  36. 80/20 sounds pretty good to me :)
    Hope the race and travels went well!
    Miss you Linds!

  37. I think 80/20 is a very good thing to go for. Losely-fix perfection! 😀

  38. 80/20 is a very good stuff. i love you post :) love much!

  39. 80% of the time I’m tired.
    20% I’m wide awake. I need to flip that ratio. This whole work thing sucks.


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