30 Minute Thursday: Start Where?

Yesterday was big day for us. When I say big, I mean big in a small way. Like being able to run pain free. Yes, the hubs and I went for a run. His first run since September and his first run post PRP therapy last week. We found a park and ran on the grass for a while, then stopped and walked every 4 minutes. It was nice to enjoy that feeling of starting again.

Starting up again (in any area of life) can feel daunting… but only if we let it. It can also be a chance to focus on that day. Just getting out there, wherever you are, and taking a chance. I like that!


Start it UP conditioning

  • Warm up 5 minutes easy
    • 20 sec pick up (increase pace)
    • 20 sec easy run or walk
      • repeat 5x
    • Now find a mat or grassy area and work on strength
      • 30 sec single leg squat (each leg)
      • 30 sec push ups (wide)
      • 30 sec lower leg lifts
      • 30 sec superman
        • repeat 5x
    • Back to the run/cardio
    • 1 minute easy run followed by 15 second sprints
      • repeat 5x
    • Core- repeat 2-3x
      • 1 minute plank with knee tuck
      • 1 minute side plank
      • 1 minute Russian twist
    • Cool down/stretch

Want another great CONDITIONING workout?Check out Lindsay’s List for a killer Tuesday Trainer. Now you have a Tuesday/Thursday Workout to do!


Thankful Board days 11 and 12: Starting WHERE you ARE.


Where are you starting today?



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  1. Start where you are today – Oh, how I needed those words today Lindsay. I’m in a completely new place in my life that I have not been able to embrace and accept, but I dubbed December my “Action” month.

    Time to take action and embrace where I am, today, as you said. Move forward, be positive, and start here.

    What a great message. :-)

    • i read your mind today friend. I think we all needed to hear this. It was on my heart! so lets start today…just where we are! Keep me posted on how your month goes. <3

  2. Im letting it be ok that I am where I am.

  3. is the hubs eating ice cream?!! i want some!

    starting where i am…well i got an answer about my back pain today. i am starting the process of becoming pain free.

  4. lookie that beach!!! I’ll start there!! :)
    Running!! :) :) :) I have no words but huge smiles because running again makes you do that!

  5. So happy you guys can start again! I know it must be frustrating for him but exciting at the same time. I’m sure he’s happy to have you there by his side. :)

  6. Awesome news – so glad he was able to run pain free. And love the idea of starting from where you are – not where you were or want to be. But right now. Today I’m resting and I suppose in a weird way that’s starting my good run tomorrow πŸ˜‰

  7. Love that – start where you are today! Really comes with zero pressure or baggage!
    thanks for the shout out, my love!

  8. Oh how I love to hear this – soooo happy the hubs is on the mend and that you’re joining him on this restarted journey together! So very awesome, so love this for you guys!!! <3

  9. How great that you two can run together! It must be fun to spend time that way. Nice cardio/strength combo :)

    I am hitting reset this week too. Just taking it easy with the running and starting back without a rush.

  10. Woohoo!!! Yay for running again!! I’m sure it was amazing! :)
    Ps– is that your man having ice cream?? I’m teleporting down there for a cone heehee πŸ˜€

  11. That’s so wonderful to hear that your husband is running pain free again! What a great way to start a new journey.

  12. Woot Woot for RUNNING again and ICE CREAM!!! <3

    Happy Thursday! <3

  13. Awesome! You have to start somewhere!!
    I love those pictures : )
    I have several Thursday workouts of yours to do!


  14. VERRRRYYYYY happy to hear that James is running!!!! :)

  15. Great news! I’m so glad that running is back in James’ life. I wish I could say the same for me but my knee will never let that happen! And yet I’m just grateful I can walk. :)

  16. i love those pictures at the end! You are so talented with the camera girl!

  17. haha…is that a post-run icecream cone???
    glad to hear “hubs” is starting back to running.
    recover smart-train smart and he will kick some major a$$
    when he hits the circuit again.

  18. I’m so happy your run went so well today, and the pain was gone! :)

  19. Oh yes. Start where you are! That first step is always a tough one. Soooooo happy for you both that you went for a run together pain free. :) yay! Wish I could run with you in NZ (then eat some granola). :)

  20. Such awesome news! I am constantly experiencing knee pain when I run, so I have a taste of knowing what it would feel like to have a pain-free run…although, for me, it would be more like a pain-free yoga workout…I was never much of a runner.
    Yes! to starting where you are. What a simple, yet inspiring statement.

    Sending you happiness!

  21. I’m so happy for the Hubs to be pain free! Woo-hoo!!!

  22. what good news… that’s great about the run!! one step forward, right :) That looks like a GREAT workout too!! I always like your workouts.

  23. Starting is always the hardest part for me. But starting is starting, no matter how small. Starting is big!

  24. Ahhh, sweet Sumner – that is a little community that is having to start a fresh after the earthquakes, so sad to see the destruction when I was there in May. It’s still beautiful though.

    ‘Ruin is the start of the path to transformation’

  25. omg. that quote. start where you are today. that really hit me as i read it. i have been really thrown off ever since my accident on Monday and worried that I am going to let it affect my mindset for Vegas but i think that quote can go even beyond running/working out and just be true in about anything. i am going to start where i am right now. focus on where i am now. and go from there! thanks for posting this friend!

    • oh i am so glad you read this before you left for vegas. These words really are the perfect way to describe what you are going though. so write it on your hand when you run! hugs!

  26. What a blessing to run pain free! And I love the idea of starting where you are instead of trying to get ahead of yourself. So much wisdom in that. Not only with exercising, but with so many other things too. :)

  27. Yes! That run is PROGRESS, and that’s all we can strive for! :)

  28. Run without pain…awesome! As usual, your post hits the nail on the head. Start where you are today…beautiful. :)

  29. I’m starting in the same place as the hubs today!! It’s such a sweet feeling, running pain free… but so hard to stick to walk/running as you get started again! Now if only it was warm enough here to be eating ice cream!

  30. I’m gonna start going to bed early. Hahaha, not!!!

  31. LOVE this. I’m starting on Operation Stress Less. Should be much easier now that the semester is ending!

  32. Starting today, for you it’s even a day ahead:) I am starting today with a prayer for a happy and healthy holiday. I am taking things one day at a time. The holidays fly by and I want them to slow down so I can enjoy everything.

  33. I definitely need to think about this and what it means to me… I’m on autopilot so much of the day w/ the 3 little ones so this is a big one… I need to be okay with where I’m at today and not worry about where I think I’m supposed to be! Have a lovely weekend <3

  34. I love this!! Love that you two did this together and embracing where you are, in life, physically, mentally, emotionally. Have a great weekend!

  35. I have such a bad happen of procrastinating. not just work or chores, but my health. “Okay, I’ll start eating all of my calories tomorrow. Okay, next week. Okay. December” but I’m learning to remain present. Focusing on my health NOW. Why wait to feel great? Ugh, that sounded corny. I totally didn’t mean for it to rhyme!

    thanks for your positivity, always <3

  36. You are a very inspired writer and I am so glad you shared this. You really should be a speaker because you totally know how to relate to people and always in such a positive way. I absolutely love those last two pictures. Have a wonderful weekend in NZ!! I hope you get to go out and explore. :)

  37. yay for a successful run!! thinking healing thoughts for him still :)

    are you planning on teaching classes in NZ?

    have a super weekend!

  38. j & i went on our first run together yesterday! it was so nice to get out there and feel the ground beneath my feet!
    today, i’m starting at a jog. i mentioned before that i was sprinting and then came to a dead stop. now i’m jogging easily again. a pace i can keep and i pace i enjoy. today, i’m starting with a deep breath!

  39. Starting out my 28th year… and I’m focused on listening to God and what He wants me to do! :)

  40. ahhhh! Running without pain, how I wish I could say those words! Yet your post reminded me of something so important. Start SLOW! Every time I attempt to run, I pace myself based on my cardiovascular endurance, not my joint health. Silly girl!

  41. LOVE that saying x100000. Perfect words for someone who is injured or sick. So many of us wake up wishing we could do the things we used to, when we should focus on where we’re at right now and go from there. Thank you for this!

    • i agree. We sometimes tend to dwell on the “if only we did this before” moments. Guilty here! but like you said, we need to focus where we are at and make it good, its our choice, Right?!
      Hope you are enjoying the day friend.

  42. Mayra Rasmussen says:

    Move forward, be positive, and start here. slowly but surely friend. oh i like that!

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