30 Minute Thursday: Craving Simple

In the midst of a hustle bustle day, week, or month, I crave one thing.


In fact, I crave it so much I’ve been begging the hubs to take me back to New Zealand. Ahh, yes. The simple life.



But in reality, I must focus on simplifying my actions, my choices, and my LIFE HERE, my LIFE NOW. You get me, right?


Keep it simple? How does one do that?

I say we start with playtime.

Play, laugh, and keep it simple. Like singing nursery rhymes over and over with your niece.


I’ve got twinkle twinkle little star in my head now for days!

Keep it simple by cooking simple. Am I right? You betcha.



Sprouted Quinoa Salmon Scramble

Sprouted quinoa cooked with coconut butter. Then mix in steamed spinach, grape tomatoes, scrambled egg, orange peel, garlic, and black pepper. Place a 5oz can of wild salmon on top. Make this now. Takes about 20 minutes total.


And although I am not running, I am still creating simple programs. Like this one. It’s simple, and anyone (novice or pro) can customize it.

Thirty (or Forty) Minute Thursday


Takes about 38-40 minutes depending on your cool down.

Simple Enough?

I think so.







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  1. Love this so much b/c I think we could all simplify our lives and enjoy so much more because of simplicity. When you’re not bogged down with the extraneous, you can enjoy the little moments so much better.

    • agreed! now lets simplify together and retreat to wine country.

      • i want to come! i agree with heather and you. we must learn to make simplicty a priority. we don’t have tv so we can be quiet and peaceful in our home. we don’t have a lot of stuff so we are no bogged down with junk. we plan our weekends around things we want to do. and everyday i take time to run, or yoga , or walk even when my day is crazy.
        love you guys!

  2. I CRAVE simplicity, especially when life gets hectic (as it is getting right now!). Sometimes you just need to step back, breathe and reset yourself and appreciate the busy and the hectic for what it is…because it is almost always good busy and hectic right?! (though I prefer simplicity and NZ too!)

  3. love that there’s orange peel in there!

  4. I’m LOVING this new header!! Did you design it?



  6. Aren’t nieces the greatest?!? I have two – one is 14 and one is 6 months. Super fun, each, in their own ways. I will make a 5 hour drive just to visit them anytime!

  7. Oh my goodness, is that your niece? If we meet up, please bring her!!! :)

  8. i love this because i am always trying to simplify my thoughts – to slow down and make deliberate actions instead of unproductive REactions. breathing, meditative thinking, and then acting. … oh so hard and i’m still trying! :)

    • thoughts racing make up for 100% of our stress, and yet we still do it. UGH. simplify thoughts, actions, words, and we are calm. WE CAN SURRENDER THEM!

  9. Ah simplicity. That’s exactly what I LOVE about our unplugged weekends, it gives us a reprieve from the chaos of the weeks that pile on up. It’s also what I dig about maine and the lakehouse. Time literally stops when we’re there. It’s amazing. You and the hubs ought to come up to visit us there this summer, i do believe :)

  10. Oh boy, I need to simplify my life up! I have to simplify my thoughts that is for sure, they are always racing around like crazy! Your niece is adorable!! Have a great and simple Thursday! :)

  11. Oh my goodness, your niece is soooo cute. Her eyes are beautiful!
    I am going to keep that salmon scrammble on hand because it looks GOOD! Cheers to taking time and living simply.. or at least trying to :) it looks like you’re doing a good job girl!

  12. Why reinvent the wheel?

    I think being in nature helps me simplify and slow down. If I could only get my mind to slow down with my body!

    Your niece is too cute!

  13. Your niece is adorable!! Simplicity is definitely a necessity for me. If I make things too complex, I just get confused or overwhelmed!

  14. I need to simplify and I want to – I think as I get closer and closer to graduation, I’m doing just that. I’m checking things OFF my list without adding something new in it’s place!

  15. i want simplicity, too. just to sit back and garden, take a walk. Texas is pretty kick back… sounds like NZ was more… I like your thinking. 😉

  16. Focussing on running, I’m able to simplify by just heading out for a run. Pick a distance and run. Grab my watch and run. Take the dog out and run. It’s what I need and is an automatic reset button. Great share.

  17. Loving simple workouts these days- Sweating without putting much thought into it!

  18. The simplest moments have brought me the most joy.. like a beautiful sunrise or birds nesting in my kitchen window. Those things make me slow down and realize that a bird giving life or God giving us a new day are far greater than achieving a new PR, having the biggest blog, etc, etc. all of my “things” become background noise and I see the miracle of being right here.

  19. Ah simplicity…I’m living for simplicity these days. My last month was way too crazy for me! Haha.

    And your niece? WOWZA those are some beautiful eyes! She’s adorable. <3 And Twinkle, Twinkle is my youngest's favorite. 😉

  20. Never tried sprouted quinoa… sounds awesome. Love a good (tofu) scramble… a mish mash of delcious glory :) I like simple.

  21. A Confucious quote for you…”Life is rather simple, but we insist on making it complicated.” ahh simplicity…but I think if you lived in NZ all the time, that simplicity would be hard there too. You know, the grass is always greener…it definitely is up to us and our choices. So hard, but so worth it. I love following your “simple life” friend! :)

    • you are my quote goddess. you make everything sound so much more profound and meaningful. So thank YOU!

      Obsessed with my wine towel. Send me your address again. Is it still your sisters?

  22. I couldn’t agree more. I love everything simple, less stress for me and less stress for those around me. I guess I keep it simple by trying to remember the bigger picture in life and to not get to bent out of shape if something doesn’t go the way we planned. It is easier said then done but just taking a deep breath and stepping back is what really helps me.

  23. Hey lindsay! Love your new header. That quinoa dish looks great. Just wondering how do you sprout quinoa? I really want to make this! Hope your well lovely

  24. YES to simplicity! Pairing back on life and ridding myself of excesses leaves me feeling liberated:).

    That meal looks fantastic to me. Salmon and quinoa are total favourites, and the addition of coconut oil and orange peel would step this up even further. I definitely want to make this.

    P.S your neice is TOO CUTE, look at those little cheeks!

  25. i like your thinking :) keep it simple is totally my new motto, haha, but how come it is not as easy sometimes?

    that scramble sounds wonderful!!

  26. Sometimes I crave simplicity! And I just have to remind myself that I can make things simpler if I want to. That meal sounds fabulous. I would gobble it right up…and of course enjoy a glass of that wine you pictured 😉

  27. I have all the ingredients for that salmon dish – I’m thinking lunch!

    One of my favorite quotes is by Eleanor Roosevelt “A little simplification would be the first step toward rational living, I think.”

    I’ve been trying to live my life more simply for months now. Sometimes it is easy to forget and you just have to take a step back, breath deeply and stand in the sun and feel happy to be alive.

  28. I need more simple in my life!

  29. Simple is so, so good! Now that the weather is finally getting better I feel a motivation to go out and start a little walking and running program again, just as the one you’ve described (but probably not as long, for the beginning). Thank you for reminding me! :)

  30. Simple = Good (usually)

    Simple foods/recipes are often the best too.

  31. Yes and yes. Keeping your NZ mindset and approach is key. Do you try to unplug on the weekends still with the hubby? I’m thinking you still try to do this. I need to be better about being present and you always remind me to do so. Run to Become–love this title and workout!


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