30 minute Thursday: 10’s and Pins

So guess what? I spent most of the day trying to figure out how to create a picture for my workout. Why? So that I could finally PIN it!! Thank you Facebook for being way better than Google today.


See, I did it!! Screen shot and all. I know, I am a bit behind the times here. Oh, and I also figured out that I want a MacBook!

So excuse me for a minute while I insert a another random picture from my screen shot. Just for the heck of it.

Yes, I actually look at this each day. We had 3 this morning. Shaky night!


Yes, Christchurch and Lyttleton (above) are basically the same area. Lyttleton is the harbor area. Poor harbor town has gotten the worst of the quakes. I took pictures there the other day. But thankfully most homes still remain nestled in the hills. See….


If you have a random’s section for Pinterest, then PIN away! just kidding.

Sheesh, when did this whole pinterest thing take over my life? Oh ya, when I first got invited. I blame JEN for that. haha.

Alright, enough about pinning. Wanna do a workout? How about a 30 minute Thursday as it’s finest! I call this my 10’s workout, and it just so happens to rhyme with PIN. Winking smile


Okay enough, really. No more pin talk. Go workout!

one last thing…. guess what I finished? Here’s a sneak peak….


Now I just gotta figure out how to load it onto wordpress. Technology overload here.

Hmmmm, maybe I should rename this post Thursday Randomness.

What Randoms have you done today?




I’m thinking about doing a Q&A post about our life in New Zealand. You sick of hearing about New Zealand yet? If not, ask away! Smile with tongue out

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  1. Hooray for Healthy Bites Ebook!!! Can’t wait! Can let me know about the technology side of Ebooking, pretty please?? I’m writing a severe allergy one at the moment. Recipes I can do, technology, hmmmmm?

    Oh Lyttleton is my FAV… Banks Peninsula rocks my world.

    I love seeing NZ through your eyes x

  2. How exciting with the e-book girl! YAY!

    I am not good at any technology stuff! I am glad twitter friends could help you out!

    Happy day to you love! <3

  3. whohoo!! looks like a great workout! hope the rest of your week goes well!

  4. I am not even on pinterest. That’s how behind I am. I don’t know if my brain can handle more information right now. I totally doing this workout though! Looks like a great one. I can’t believe you have your first book together! I love that you have such great focus there. I feel like I need to come there too! Maybe that’s where my focus has gone?

    • i feel like it should have taken a lot less time to make (the ebook that is) but i am at a slow pace here. haha. and just keep focusing on you, no need for pinterest until you are ready. I love that about you sarena!! COme here, really!

  5. That’s awesome!!! Congrats :)
    Looking forward to seeing more pin-able workouts from you, lady!

  6. omg ok #1- SO glad you figured it out so i can pin your awesome workouts! #2- eeeeee! can’t wait to read :)

  7. No way am I tired of hearing about New Zealand!!! My question is: What have you noticed is/are the biggest cultural differences between Americans and Kiwis?

    • oh gosh, the quality of life. NO one walks around with their phone looking down, always texting. THey take 2 hour lunch breaks, and the pace is SLOW but QUALITY! The food is fresh and always local of course. It’s just refreshing!

  8. ooooo so excited for your ebook! I’m a total pinterest fan as well…just followed ur boards. Random things I’ve been loving lately: white tea to change up from normal green and monster green smoothies for breakfast. Gets ur engine revving. Yes i would be very interested to hear more about NZ. Btw does everyone say ‘cuz’ alot? I’ve heard it’s about as common as ‘sweet as’

    • white tea! love it. Good random add in. And i haven’t heard cuz a lot, at least i don’t think. But i have a hard time understanding anyway. haha.

  9. Get a MacBook! I’m a dedicated Mac snob and damn proud of it! You’ll love it. So much easier to use than a PC. And I am NOT technologically inclined at all.

  10. I’m all for a NZ Q & A. Do it!

    • k, then make sure to ask away. pretty please. And how are you enjoying that Trilogy? hehe.

      • Love, love, love. Heading up to Cleveland this weekend for a Run For Sherry and I’m going to try and stock up again. Gotta take advantage of the moment.

        PS I about shit (sorry) myself when I realized Hillary Biscay posted immediately below me. Ahhhhh!! And with that my mind is too boggled to ask a question…right now =)

  11. A book of bites–yessss!!! So excited.
    My questions are:
    What is your favorite coffee shop there in the ChCh and surrounding area?
    And favorite long run/hike route??

    • oh i bet you can answer all these questions for me! so many coffee shops that i adore. I want to take them all back to the states with me. We frequent coffee culture a lot though. THe one in meriville.

  12. I’m trying my hand at the pinning thing too. Love pinterest but blogger doesn’t want to play as nicely with the pinterest gadget. Mmmmmm book of bites – does it come with samples 😉

  13. I LOVE the book of bites!! Can’t wait to see it all!!

    I’m also with you – pinterest is tricky to figure out isn’t it? At least for us technically challenged folk 😉

  14. Yay pinterest! I am now following 😉 Book of bites…um, yum. I am drooling. Def do the Q&A!!!

  15. I totally underuse Pinterest. Mostly because it’s blocked at my work, and that’s when I’m usually at the computer! I always think it’s funny when i look at my blog stats and see all of these things that people pinned from my pictures. It just makes me laugh.
    Oh, and BTW- I LOVE my Macbook. I’d never buy any other laptop!

  16. I didn’t bring my gym stuff today, so I’m planning to do a little in-office workout at some point, just for a break. I’m going to try some of the things from your post. I can’t break a sweat though, in my pretty clothes. :)

  17. You learn something new everyday :-)
    Looks like a great workout!

  18. Pretty photos!

    OK I have no freaking idea what you guys are talking about. I apparently signed up for pinterest (didn’t know it was such an elite club that you need to be invited!), was invited, I guess I set up an account because a few people follow me, but I have NO idea how to get into it again. Not that I have time to sit on pinterest if I can’t even read blogs lol.

    Looks like another good workout, Linds.

    • ya, the whole social media thing is a bit overwhelming, isn’t it? I bet JG can explain everything a lot better than i can. SHe’s a pro! Think you’ll try this workout? if so, let me know if you add anything. I like your style.

      • It looks pretty complete and I love your idea of multitasking with the squat curls. Running with that theme perhaps you could do an even more intense set if you were feeling extra perky with the overhead presses if you added a split lunge or alt lunge?? Otherwise, I’d leave it exactly as is! i’ll do this workout when I’m done with my current program- believe it or not I’m TRYING live fit temporarily anyway… until the travels pick up again and make it impossible- we’ll see- I’m not used to doing zERO cardio and it’s freaking me out! I haven’t sweated in a week!

  19. PS I’m assuming that you are talking about getting some text to be pinnable right? Because I’ve had photos lifted off my blog from pinterest so I’m guessing that photos are easy, ,right???

  20. I am pretty technologically challenged too…. but I do have a macbook :)

    Definitely post about NZ… I always tell people there are more sheep there than people 😉 Plus they say fish and chups… haha… all in good fun :)

  21. love your randomness! can’t wait to hear about the new Bites :)

    my random for the day? i ran out of almond milk and had to use regular milk. i know, i’m going crazy here, aren’t i?? hehe :)

  22. holy smokes – i can’t wait to see that book! :) hmmm…. my randoms include random eats (popcorn at 9am and cereal at 9pm!) :)

  23. Definitely not sick of hearing about New Zealand. Love it!! I have no idea how to work any technology. Complete idiot here. 😉

  24. I decided I wanted to write an eBook on Sunday, but then realized I didn’t have time PLUS people who also have to want to read what I have to say, and I’m not convinced I’m there yet. HOWEVER, I’m excited to read your eBook as soon as you get it all figured out!

  25. I am not even on pinterest so you are way ahead of me. I don’t have time in my life for something else that sucks me in and I heard pinterest is soo addicting!

  26. Great workout. I’m so technologically challenged it’s not even funny. I can’t even get those little pin buttons on my posts. Ha. Never sick of hearing about New Zealand life. :)

  27. Thanks so much for this, what a great idea! I never would have thought of doing that. It is just a day of learning for me. :)

  28. I really like this idea Lindsay and was told I should do the same. Can I follow suite?! :)

    I have a new found love for the rowing machine–its a killer!

  29. Yay for the randomness. And you’ve totally got me beat for the technology thing. I’d love a macBook too. And I do believe a MacBook would help your husband be a better racer. Because ultimately, you’d be more productive on the technology front and that would leave more time for you to plan his nutrition and help him in general. Think about it. A win, win situation :-0 Can’t wait for the ebook (although I’ve never done anything with an ebook before)

  30. Oh you SO want a macbook. You’ll never, NEVER look back! 😀

    Good luck with technology. Lord knows I’m hopeless.

  31. Yay for learning new stuff on the computer! That workout looks awesome. And if you get a macbook, you will love it! They are amazing 😀

  32. I can’t wait to see the ebook!! That’s awesome!! Figuring out how to do anything with blogs feels like math class to me. It’s just so darn confusing!!

    love it. love love love it!

  34. yay! so glad you finished your healthy bites book! proud of you, my friend, and all that you do. xo

    • i had to break it up into 2 sections. You know me, so bad at writing and technology. And now i have no idea how to put it up with paypal on my computer. haha. ANy ideas?

      miss you!

  35. So many things to say! First off, I haven’t been commenting all week…but I’ve been reading! And I LOVED your recent sherpa video. Also, yesterday’s “sweet as” post was awesome – love the saying! Lastly, congrats on the cookbook! Good workout too…I’ll have to try that one sometime (or pin it – whichever comes first). 😉 I miss you! And appreciate who you are. Have a wonderful start to the weekend, my friend!

  36. ok SO
    as soon as youre back I need you to tell me WHY I NEED TO LOVE PINTEREST and show me how :)

    • it’s good and bad. I could get really into it but i’m not sure i want to invest more life sucking time. haha. But yes, i think you will like it and manage it well.
      I will show you for sure!

  37. I tagged you in the 11 Things Blog Tag! You are up next to share 11 things about yourself and answer my questions! I can’t wait to see your responses and learn more about you! http://liverunloveyoga.com/2012/02/10/a-day-of-elevens-2/

  38. Yay for the Ebook, that must be quite the project, but it will be soooo worth it!

  39. Love it you are so cute! And great job with the ebook you beat us as we are still trying to find time for ours 😉

  40. yikes..you think you are behind…i got a new cell phone last week, i still had a flip phone..took 3 tries before i figured out how to answer the darn thing. now i am texting….what the heck is pin??
    have to tell you about my big oops! i teach a circuit blaster class in the am..today was a pyramid..15-30-45-60-60-45-30-15, 6 exercises.
    i explain it…even though we had done this last fall. they all kinda look at me funny..but away we go. about 40mins into the class everyone , including me is just sweating and looking just beat and i can’t figure out why this is taking so long and why we are unable to finish. so finally i say 5 more minutes and we are done. well…i had explained the class as doing 15 reps of each exercise, then 30, then 45, 60 etc. when it should have been 15 secs of each then 30 secs, then 45 secs etc. but my gang… the strong amazing ladies and 1 fellow they are…just did it…the exercises were..tapping pushups, side lunges with twist, get-ups, squats, mountain climbers, and jump rope.

  41. Playing a little catch up here – obvs. CONGRATS on the ebook! That is so exciting – I feel like that it the epitome of blog success!

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