30 is the magic Number

Happy Monday friends. I hope this weekend was a good one. We celebrated “Cotter Style” this weekend. You see, it’s a certain someone’s 30th today. Yes, 30 on 30th! The hubs is 30 years young. Actually, his birthday was yesterday New Zealand time. Lucky duck, he gets to celebrate twice. Winking smile

Anyway, the hubs is not big on birthdays but I like celebrating so we comprised. He let me spoil him. That makes both of us happy. We may next have a lot of money or fancy things, but birthdays are all about who you spend it with. Right?

I did my best to look my best and treat the man well.


Quality Mexican food, plenty of Mexican martinis, and a good fun post dinner. Hint hint. Winking smile


A cream filled donut for dessert. Ha! Easy to please you might say.


And I just have to give my two cents here. Yes, the big 3-0 is big! I’m not far behind him. But to me, 30 is not old, it’s YOUNG! It’s a perfect age. You are wiser but not old. You are young but not a youngster, you are cool but not too cool.


When I was younger I thought I’d have two kids by age 30. HA! I don’t think so. I’m not even close to being settled. But that’s the life I chose when I married this man. Chasing the dream, living paycheck to paycheck, wishin’ on a dime, and just going for it. Heck ya it’s scary and freakin hard, but we pray to God every night for provision and guidance. At least we pursuing it, no regrets here.

Happiness may come and go but JOY is made complete just by living life with each other.

You tired of my corniness yet? Nah, never, right?

Okay, let’s move on to another important part of this big 30 day! It’s April 30th which means FOODIE PENPAL day!

This month I had the privilege of participating in Lindsay’s Foodie Penpal and today is the big “reveal” day.


I had lot’s of fun doing this. The penpal I shopped for was Jen from http://www.jennpesce.com/. So fun to shop for her. Lots of TEXAS goodies were sent her way.

My foodie Penpal was Heather from Hezzi’s Books and Cooks.


She spoiled me with foodie gifts just in time! I used the GF baking goods to make a bday cake for the hubs. Perfect!


And that homemade apple butter she made… ya… it’s gone. I used a spoon and basically ate it in one sitting. No shame there. Winking smile Thank you. HEATHER!

So that’s it folks. Lots of celebrating today.

Celebrating birthdays, celebrating FOODIE PENPALS, celebrating the last day of adventurous April, celebrating the countdown to BLEND (wish I was going), and celebrating a fresh start to the week.

30 is a good number. Cheers to 30 and finding your JOY in life!

What are you en-JOYING today?


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  1. I better get my foodie pen pal reveal ready. Yikes. Oh man Lindsay, I feel OLD. Enjoy it while you can. The years keep sneaking up. PS- you look super cute all done up and all. Hope your hubby’s birthday weekend was a blast. :)

    • ha, you should not feel old. I think you live life by the fly, full of taking chances and going with it. Thats amazing. Thats youthful. that’s FUN! And you’ve got two munchin’s along for the ride! oh and one clever kitty.

  2. Happy birthday to the hubs!!! I’m enjoying not having to study for any more exams. I will also be enjoying some cookies shortly when they come out of the oven…maybe I should change the name of my blog from ‘the health diva’ to ‘the cookie monster’ haha…well they are oatmeal raisin so I guess it is healthy. So inspired that you live life so passionately. That’s what it’s all about. Have a great week friend xox

  3. Yeah! Happy Birthday to Jimbo :) You look lurrrvley by the way, and your celebration sounds perfect to me!

    And I love the corny… don’t you go changing a bit :)

  4. sounds like a perfect 3-0 to me! and umm yes you look HOT all done up, friend! love it! happy happy to the hubs!

    • i’m hoping this 30 thing will mean better endurance and wisdom in the Pro field, eh? Seems to work for others. How are you feeling!?!

      • yesss it will! took me til 30 years AND literally had to finish 30 ironmans before I won one :)
        feeling good-ready to race here in OZ!

      • Linds, EH? love it. Using Canadian lingo makes you wiser already. I think James should come race Muskoka 70.3 and keep rolling with that wise Canadian lingo! 😉 Hillary- you could come too but you are going to be busy kicking butt in Wisconsin that weekend!

        Linds- send the hubs my birthday wishes! and 3-0 & racing wisdom–here is something to kick it off, “That which you manifest is before you. The visible becomes inevitable. Your car goes where your eyes go.” (Garth Stein- Art of Racing in the Rain).

        • I think you are right! Muskoka sounds PERFECT! Let’s all email him and convince him to do so!

          • YEAHHHH!!! we can drink wine and cheer!! p.s. y’all better be coming to Quassy!! If I’m coming 4 days post Epic camp (worst idea ever!? probably) I want to see you!!

          • well…… things might not work out for quassy. I know i know!! But we will see each other this year! PROMISE!

  5. What a great way to celebrate a golden birthday – you did it right. High five wifey!

    Someone is looking hot for 30 (can I say that):)

    Mexican, the only way to fiesta. I laughed at your 2 kids thing, I hear ya there! But y’all are doing it right, traveling and living it up before bbs.

  6. 30 IS young, you guys’ve got so many more happy years together!! So glad the hubs had such a great bday weekend!! :)


  8. Happy birthday to the hubs! Sounds like you two had an awesome weekend of celebrating a wonderful life that’s truly just getting underway. I totally view hitting the big 3-0 as the moment you truly start to hit your stride and find your own voice, skin, path, etc. Cheers to that, right?

  9. Happy Birthday to the Hubs! I love your shirt and you are looking mighty fan all dressed up :)

  10. Happy birthday to your man! 30 really is a great age–and still very young, trust me. Sounds like you had the perfect celebration (and you looked fabulous). Love that you used your pen pal ingredients for a cake!

  11. Happy Birthday to James! Sounds like you two know how to celebrate! Love that smile on your face Lindsay! Could you be any cuter??? I think not! You know we are always chasing the dream here too! I think finding the joy in the little things is the best way to find happiness. Everyday is a new adventure, so you just keep going and find the joy in it. Hugs to you friend! Have more fun celebrating with the hubs!

  12. You look amazing! Hot stuff!!! And I love to spoil M for his birthday too, I love birthdays!! I am sure he appreciated and loved every minute because he was with YOU and that’s all that matters. And you are never corny. Inspiring to the fullest :-) XOXO

  13. Happy Birthday Hubby! :) and You look great!

  14. awww yay! you look so pretty!!!! happy bday hubs!

  15. Happy birthday to the hubby! You look gorgeous.
    I agree…30 is so young nowadays. It’s funny what we thought we’d be doing by 30 when we were young!

  16. Happy birthday hubs!!!! You look so pretty Linds! Glad you had fun celebrating this weekend. Hope you have an amazing Monday <3

  17. Happy Birthday to James!! I love that shirt on you. Super cute. And what a fun foodie package too!

  18. 30 is young! I would know 😉 Happy birthday to your hubs!!!!

    I’m enjoying the beautiful spring weather – it has been nothing short of gorgeous here the past few days! :-)

  19. happy birthday to James! looks like y’all had a great weekend celebrating – can’t beat Mexican food & donuts, right? 😉 he’s like Billy – easy to please!

  20. Happy birthday to James! Have a blast celebrating together today. It’s truly funny to think about where you thought you would be or what you thought you would be doing at a certain age. Then you hit that age and laugh at how you never could have predicted any of it! It’s truly amazing.

  21. happy birthday to JC!!!!! hurray for an excellent birthday weekend! i will welcome you both to the 30 club 😉

  22. Thirty is awesome. I love my thirties so far and I think it might just be the best decade. :)

  23. Happy Birthday to the hubby! I’m not far from 30 myself, only 4 more months to go…and I’ve heard your 30s are the best years for the very reason you mentioned!

    You look beautiful in your outfit, btw!

    And I love that you guys live paycheck to paycheck chasing DREAMS. That’s a really big deal. I’d choose that over living lavishly any day.

  24. happy birthday!
    i love how you take such joy in your life… chasing a dream, living paycheck to paycheck.. we have a similar life (and the husband is ALMOST 30)… it’s maybe not where I imagined where I would be when i was in college, but it’s exactly where i want to be now!

  25. Happy Birthday to the Hubs!! :) Sounds like you had an awesome time.

    Yesterday was our anniversary (well kind of. It was 2.5) … and the roommate was out of town all weekend. 😉

  26. Happy birthday to Mr. Cotter!

  27. Love this post! And your top is super cute! You looked great! Happy Birthday to Mr. Cotter!

  28. I’m enjoying a mid-morning green juice!
    And welcome to foodie pen pals! I love that you sent a lunchskin to your pen pal. Great idea. I need to get me some of those.

  29. Awww Happy Happy Birthday to the hubs! It absolutely sounds like the perfect weekend and I love your attitude. I used to think 30 was “so old” but now that I’m inching closer I have realized that life has just begun. It is all about perspective. :)

  30. happy birthday to the hubs!! looks like you treated him quite well 😉

  31. Happy birthday to Mr. Cotter! That pineapple drink looks yummmmy :)

  32. can’t wait to join Foodie Penpals for May!

    I’m enjoying a day of productivity after a relaxing weekend. Does that count? :)

  33. what a fabulous weekend for you and the hubs. it looked like you had so much fun celebrating his beday and you are right-it is who you spend it with that is worth is all-no money can surpass that!

  34. I agree about 30!!!! Love what you said!

    Happy Birthday to your hubby! I am glad he had a great one, how could he not when he has a beautiful wife like you 😉

    Happy Monday!

  35. Yeah, 30 is definitely NOT old. Wiser and cooler. And with every year beyond 30, you only add to the wiseness and coolness. At least, that is what I tell myself!

    You look super cute! The hubs is a lucky man, indeed. Wink wink.

  36. Hey Its my birthday today too! Wish Your special guy a happy 30th. I have him by a few ( 16 who’s counting?) years! Awesome, and you look lovely :) hope you have a great week!

  37. You look so pretty Lindsay!! I agree about 30, I don’t understand how people think that is old. Um, nope not at all! I think its a beautiful number where you become more mature in your life. Age is just a silly number anyways! Happy birthday to the hubby! Looks like you guys enjoyed your weekend.

  38. My husband and I are the same way about birthdays. What is it with men and birthdays anyway? 😉

  39. I’m enjoying being employed again!

    But I need help getting into personal training now that I’m certified…

  40. You are simply gorgeous inside and out. Happy Birthday angel. How did you gain so much wisdom in only 30 short years? incredible.

  41. Happy Birthday young James!
    ah the big 3-0
    I remember when I pass that one. I was going nowhere in my life. I had not met my husband yet. So that is when I hit the mid life crises thing…
    so It is all behind me now!!! ha!
    it really is just a number…I can tell you…cuz I know and I am way older!!!:)

  42. I had seen that photo when James posted it on Twitter… lookin good mamacita!! 😉 Hahha and nice to see James with a smile on his face (with the mexican food)… it seems like he always looks serious in photos. 30 is NOT that old!

  43. Oh you two are SOOOOO young! I thought 30 was fantastic – LOVED that crossing into my 30s. So far, 35 is even better :) Glad he had a good b-day – I went out for Mexican food too!

  44. Happy birthday to your husband! I’m glad you enjoyed the package and were able to use the GF cake mix for his b-day!

  45. Happy birthday to him! Where did y’all enjoy the quality mexican food?

  46. Happy Birthday to the hubs!! I definitely don’t think 30 years is too old. You guys have plenty of time! I’m super jealous of your homemade apple butter foodie pen pal package. That sounds so good!

  47. Look at you all dolled up…Love it! You guys are YOUNG…HA! 30’s are the new 20’s. I think that’s what I’ve heard these days. Either way, it’s a great decade and happy birthday to the hubs and all of the fun stuff that you have going on. xoxo

  48. Happy, happy birthday to James! 😀 And you look BEAUTIFUL, my friend! Love to hear how you celebrated and enjoyed the peek at Foodie Pen Pals. 😀 Love to the Cotters!

  49. Foodie Penpal! Brilliant idea!

    My hubs just turned 30 on the 15 this past month. I agree it is not old it is young. People say that the best time in their lives was in their 30s. So I will be looking forward to it.

    Happy Tuesday :) (I read this post a little late :))

  50. Sable@SquatLikeALady says:

    Awwww you look super cute!!! I love that top – it goes great with your beautiful smile =)

  51. I am loving the big three o! I was a little freaked out with the decade turning, but the truth is that I am in such a good place in life and that is what I have to be thankful for. And like JZ says “30 is the new 20s I’m so hot!”. I am really feeling my best these days physically and spiritually. I, on the other hand, didn’t think was going to have kids until later in life, but since all that is really not up to us, I got my two treasures way before the 30s, and they are just so a big part of who I am today. I love this age and would not go back one single day! Happy Bday to the hubs and yes, you are in for a big treat!

  52. Gosh I feel so far behind…
    I LOVE your outfit! Happy belated 3-0 to Mr JC :)
    Ill be hitting that number soon and I can’t lie, I’m a little bummed. But oh well I don’t feel 30 so that’s what counts huh :)
    Hugs dear <3

  53. we are both excited about our 30s!! this will be our last year before we reach that milestone 😉

    happy belated birthday to your hubby!

  54. Happy Belated Birthday James!!!

  55. FINALLY catching up on blogs again…HAPPY belated birthday to your handsome hubby! He definitely is the lucky one, though – you look GORGEOUS!!! Hope the entire weekend was a great one…and I agree with you – it’s not about the material things that make a birthday or holiday meaningful. I’m learning that more and more the older I get =) xoxo

  56. eep, once again I am late to the (birthday) party… rare I find internet time these days, so I’m catching up when I can.

    HAPPY *Golden* BIRTHDAY JAMES! and Linds you look beautiful! XXO

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