3 Cross Training Workouts & Allowing Mental Breaks

If there’s two things that really gets on people’s nerves, it’s bad weather and not being in control. So I can only assume a lot of us have been feeling a little annoyed the past few weeks. Yes?
We might be stuck inside, training schedules and family routine go out the window, and we’ve had to ” adjust.”



And if you’re like me, you’ve also been a little more connected to social media due to being cooped up. Let me tell you, that was not my wisest decision. I’ve come to realize that the more we complain (via internet or anywhere), the more we feed the WORRY addiction and stop living life. –> GUILTY (me).


Maybe the cold freezes our brain cells. Actually wait, I take that back. Maybe cold air puts our brain cells into overdrive, causing us to OVER think and OVER exaggerate…. okay that’s just a woman for ya. Ha!

So instead of feeling cooped up in my own thoughts, I just decided to take a mental break.

I took the week off from running. Was I supposed to? Yes. In fact, the relay training started this week. But so did the ice, the cold weather, and more things added to my plate. Usually running is a great way to relieve stress, but personally, I didn’t want to abuse it. I also knew my mind and body needed the break from feeling like I “had to” run a certain amount each week.


I focused on cross training. It felt good. I even joined a few training sessions with my co-workers. More burpees anyone?

photo 2


Cross training

 My other Mental breaks came in the form of—–>

A family night. Gosh, I didn’t realize how badly I just needed to laugh at these kids.

photo 3

A little more kitchen time. Baking and multiple Taco nights cures all? Speaking of tacos and Mexican food, check out Heather’s MMAZ this week for some great queso recipes. I will be trying some those for sure.

chia bread


And finally, I spent more time here. Enough said. Amen!


Mental break + Media break = Mental Clarity and a Marvelous Monday.



Do you allow yourself Mental breaks? Hope so!



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  1. I always feel better when I’ve taken a break from Social media / internet in general and as a general rule try and stop using it at 10pm, it used to be 9pm but then it crept up to 10pm, oops!

    I love your attitude to the weather. I can’t complain too much as the weather here in Melbourne has been sunny although it hasn’t been good weather to run outside (ok so one complaint) but I’ve still just been hitting the good old gym instead.

  2. Such a good reminder. Thanks friend

  3. I not only allow for mental breaks I have started requiring it! It’s hard to turn it all off but when I do I come back feeling refreshed and rejuvenated! Winter and control? That’s why I require mental breaks :)

  4. That little girl in the above photo (neice maybe?) is adorable!! She looks like one bad & fiesty karata chick :) lol

  5. Taking a break from Social Media is so good sometimes. And I love Cross Training too! Forced runs are the worst, I always feel like my body is refusing to move.

  6. Had some similar thoughts :-) I will give you an amen!

  7. You are in tune enough to pick up on your need for a break–well done! And I love the break you took. Thanks for the workout ideas!

  8. Thats great Lindsay! As they say; variety is the spice of life! It is good you listened to those inner thoughts and went for something else instead. Sometimes I wish I could do that, but I am just too much of a control freak with my running (and I have cross trained my life away in the past with injuries).

    I love how you said baking helped. My parents said to me a few weeks ago that maybe I should back off on the baking and blogging while I am so busy, and just make simple/frozen meals…..NO! That is the fun in my life, and the baking is where I am at my happiest and feel relaxed after!

    I am trying to work on mental breaks….but never have been very good at them…..you would think I would be so exhausted from training that it would be easy….noooope!

    • As an athlete you have that drive, but it’s always hard to accept rest and release control. A constant balance game but oh how we need that rest and mental break for growth

  9. HELLS YES to the laughter with the littles being the best break ever.

  10. I have recently been thinking that I need to take a step back from social media (really just FB) and be a bit more present in other things I am doing.

    I really like that “No Gym, No Problem” workout! I may do that this weekend, but take out the cardio because it will be after my run.

  11. I usually need a smart phone break and I love a great yoga practice to center. And food is always great for the soul. Great tips!

  12. You are SO right that being cooped up is a recipe for mental crazies! And good for you for taking time off from running when you needed it :)

  13. Of course! Mental break… Getting out to get fresh air (Even if I have to bundle up like a snowman!) OR getting coffee with a friend. & sometimes it’s just a nap :)

  14. mental breaks are SO important!! and family always helps – especially being around the littles! :) :)

  15. I always feel SOO Much better after time in my kitchen! Food prep makes me feel soo good! Fresh air has been an issue here this winter since it’s freezing and there seems to be endless amounts of snow!

  16. SO over the cold and snow but we’re supposed to get 12 inches tomorrow!! I’m trying my best to embrace (and cooking and nesting A LOT!)

  17. You and your burpee workouts make me sick! Cheers to mental breaks, taking time away from social media, and resting! :) Have a great week Crazy Cotter and chat soon…XOXO

  18. It is SO hard when the weather throws a major wrench in your well-laid plans. You absolutely can’t control that at all. Happened to me this weekend. I think stepping back from social media can be so good for the soul. I have noticed lately so much complaining and it’s tiresome.

  19. This weather is DRIVING ME NUTS!! I am so ready for spring/ I am trying to make peace with hitting the gym and toughing it out in the yucky conditions. UGH!

  20. YES, YES, YES!!! I am tired of other people complaining about the weather. No, it’s not good and well, I won’t be working much this week if Atlanta gets hit with ice we are expected to get, but really, I think we all just need to enjoy the moment we are in and make the best of it. It’s not perfect, but adapting is the name of the game, ya know? I hope you have a great week my friend! xoxo

    • What Sarena said 😉 Totally with you on this – while I am hating this winter snow and storm storm storm, it is a good reason to step back, adjust and not stress the schedule, the workouts etc, go with the flow more and what fits, fits, what doesn’t doesn’t. I am finally okay with that and it feels amazingly freeing!

    • I agree! Bake more. Cuddle up. Just be happy we are with loved ones and warm

  21. Such a great great reminder! Thank you for sharing! Sometimes you just need to step back and enjoy what is around you. I hear you about the weather – it WON’T STOP SNOWING HERE!! I just want to be able to be outdoors without freezing again!

  22. I have to go to VA this week for work and the no gym workout will be perfect. Pinned! I need to warm up in the flippin’ snow that’s coming back. Oy.

  23. We all need to break from this at times – more then not – my hubby is not a fan of all my social media so the weekends are less time on for me to make sure all goes smooth at home & honestly, it is a nice break.

    I wrote this elsewhere as a comment: Every time I visit here Friday it makes me feel like I need to step backwards to go forwards – I think I lost myself in all this social media but I am not even sure.. Maybe a post coming… makes my head hurt to think about it..

    This is how I feel at times – not even sure who I am anymore there is so much “noise” out there in social media…

    • I understand friend. Take a step back and evaluate what is important to you. I’m here to support you and email me if you need clarity or just need to vent

  24. I took a much needed mental break yesterday, too… we had a church retreat Saturday and then got back late Sat night, and I just needed to skip church and have down time. So J and L went, and I took a nap and enjoyed a quiet house. I was so refreshed by the time they got back!

  25. Thanks for sharing the no gym, no problem workout! I just got to my parents house for the week and could totally use that workout instead of going out in the blizzard to the gym. Happy Monday!

    Ashley, Married to the Game

  26. yes… a break is exactly what I needed too. xoxo Your hair is gorgeous… I can’t get over it!
    love these workouts! I need/want to get back to the gym for my mental health!

  27. Great workouts, as always, girrl :) And you KNOW how I feel about mental breaks. Necessary. Not an option. Obligatory.

  28. Oh yes, a mental break is so important; although, honestly, I’m not always good at doing this. I definitely need to find ways to distress and clear my head, especially during the work day when things get stressful.

  29. Taking a break always leaves me feeling so refreshed. It’s amazing how it can clear your mind and anxieties when you step away from all things social media for a bit, it can be a bit overwhelming after a while.
    And family nights are always a great mental break! I need them at least once a week for my sanity.

  30. Yes to metal breaks! Although, sometimes it is very difficult–with kids you end up taking your extra time and worry about them– it shouldn’t be this challenging!

  31. i made an appointment for a much needed facial tomorrow so im hoping that will allow me to clear my mind! also want to try to find a yoga class for beginners that will allow me to give my mind a break.

  32. Mental breaks are SO necessary for me on a regular basis. Otherwise I get all up in my head, and it’s a disaster.

  33. I definitely need a good mental break every once in a while. I tend to get really stressed out between work, running, life and all the little things. At that point, I need to just stop, take note of what is really important to me and focus on that.

    Thanks for sharing!

  34. I need a mental break very badly. Between work and my personal life my brain is in overdrive. I am over thinking everything. I mean everything. I need a vacation, lol.

  35. Guess who’s going to the try out the no gym no problem workout? Yes ma’am.

    I also did 30 burpees…spread out. If they aid a mental break- i’d do 2000.

  36. Oh man, I have definitely been feeling that this week. Cold, Ice & snow plus a toddler that needed an ER visit meant that I took a break from everything else. I am ready to get back to it, but you are right when I took that time off I spent more time online and even more time yelling at myself for not being enough.

  37. My mental break came more in the form of changing up a few meetings and not forcing myself to get out in the snow and cold last week – it was better dealing with the snow when I didn’t have to drive in it!!!

  38. yes, absolutely. And baking lately has been my way to inner-ohm :)

  39. Sometimes we all need mental breaks. I slept in Sat & Sun. It was great.

  40. This post is so full of truth!! <3

  41. Good for you for taking a break! We all need those, even when it’s so hard to be still (maybe especially then). Funny though that you took time off from running and I tried starting again…Tradesies! :)

  42. Oh yes. Cranky and annoyed is one way to describe it!! I’m glad that you’ve taken a break. I need one stat!

  43. Yes to this! With my school load increasing, I have spent less time on social media and more time using my mind, which has been so needed. And it just makes the mindless IG scrolling study breaks that much more enjoyable. 😉

  44. I borrowed an trainer from a friend (it is probably 3 years old), and used it twice. It was GOD AWFUL. What trainer do you use? Maybe you could do a Vlog on your trainer and how exactly you set it up/use it for optimal in-door spinning. I WANT to get on my bike, but when its been in the 30’s-40’s going on a month now, I just can’t bring myself to get out on that bike. The “real feel” puts the temperature at 5-10 lower than that, not to mention the bike wind. Eek. Too cold.

  45. You answered my cross training question I put out on Twitter without even knowing it!! I wasn’t sure if I could cross train with workouts like this (I just am not feeling the gym today!!!) but now I know I can. PS, I totally need to get one of the Pavement Runner shirts – love love love. AND my gosh how cute is that picture from your family night. Love!

  46. I’ve already decided I am going to make Dan film us together doing a workout.. kay? Cool. And yes, burpees will be included.

  47. Lately I’ve found instagram a mental break, as well. It’s so fun to scroll past pictures and smile at the fun shares. :)

  48. Love this… I don’t take enough mental breaks. It’s a good reminder that it doesn’t mean we aren’t strong enough to tackle all the things on our to-do list, but we’re strong enough to know that it can wait :)

  49. Wow! 5km on the rowing machine + 100 burpees in ONE workout. Just wow. I think I would have a panic attack before even attempting that!


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