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Good Monday to ya. I would say Happy Monday, but we all know that doesn’t really exist unless it’s a holiday, right? haha. Anyway, I am loving the comments from the last post about “growth opportunities.” In fact, Jessica even posted about her thought on “growth” here.
Well…..now I’ going to challenge you even more, but don’t worry, there’s a reward at the end. Think about whatever “growth” opportunity your working on. Is it measurable? Sure it is! Try to focus on “growing” this area of your life for 22 days. Why 22 you might ask? Because it take 22 days to break a bad habit or create a good habit. At least that’s what the statistics say. Remember my “growth” opportunity…. time management? Now for the next 22 days I am hoping to gradually become more efficient, even during the midst of the holiday bustle. By focusing on this I am hoping to stress less and live more. Report back to me in 22 days and I’ll let you know how its going. haha!
Now for the good part. My FAVORITE FAVORITE energy bar, 22 days nutrition has graciously shared their product with me so that in return I can pass it along to you! Clever name, right?

22 DAYS NUTRITION really sets the “bar” high (pun intended)
Creating Lasting Change
It was recently discovered that the human mind takes almost exactly 21 days to adjust to a major life change. We applied this principal to helping people live a healthier, more energetic and productive life. At 22days, we are committed to providing the nutrition and the tools to help make a positive and healthy difference everyday.
Nature’s Power
We believe that foods made with the finest natural ingredients satisfy not only the body but also the spirit. That’s why we created 22 Days nutritional products, a smart alternative to many of the well-known nutrition products on the market. Our vegan and vegetarian products are specially formulated using raw and organic superfoods, including the exceptional benefits of hemp and rice protein. When you eat well, you live well and the benefits go beyond the individual and can actually positively affect our environment.
Inspiring a New Way
As part of an overall healthy diet, 22 Days nutrition products are lightly sweetened with organic ingredients and and smoothies are free of trans fats, cholesterol and low in sodium. Whether the goal is to improve overall health and fitness levels, or train for a triathlon, 22 Days nutrition products inspire through taste, attitude, and a global conscience, replacing hunger with a healthy habit.
Source: https://www.22daysnutrition.com/

These bars have saved me, really. I use them when I travel and usually pre/post workout. Since I am allergic to gluten and sensitive to soy (bugger), I can never find a bar that actually taste decent but alas, I found the one. My favorite is the Enlightened Pumpkin seed but you the Nut Butter Buddha Crunch and Goji Mate Firecracker are a close second.


Oh dark chocolate nut butter goodness. Smile


Just look at those Goji berries!?!


Alright enough jabber. Lets get to the point. I want to giveaway a variety pack to one of you. You can choose what 4 flavors you want to try!

How to win: (I’m thinking you all know the drill by now).

  • Check out 22 days nutrition website and tell me what flavors you want to try.
  • Follow 22 days on twitter and/or tweet about it.
  • Like 22 days on FB and let me know.
  • And lastly, tell me what you hope to break or make in 22 days.

Random winner will be selected on the 22nd. JUST KIDDING! I won’t make you wait that long. Winner will be chosen Friday the 10th.

Cheers and happy growing!

I will post the Sugar and Spice Arrowroot cookie recipe this week. It will happen. Winking smile

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  1. Like them on Facebook…I'm on a roll here.

  2. In 21/22 days I would like to break my binging/purging habit. I wonder if it's true that you can break/form a habit in 3 weeks.. guess there's only one way to find out. 😉

  3. I'm back after following 22days on Twitter & FB the other day then getting busy at work. I have kept to my goal of stopping the coffee stops several times a week, though. I couldn't find the bars at the Dallas Whole Foods. Hopefully, they show up soon because the Nut Butter Buddha and Daily Mocha Mantra both look good.

  4. The pumpkin seed bars look aazing!!! I've never heard of these bars before – I hope I get to try them!

  5. I'd love to try the fruit nut karma! sounds transcendent!

  6. I followed 22 days!@MiddleAgedJock

  7. I liked 22 Days on FB!

  8. My growth opportunity is to stick to the plans I have for fitness. Finish out the 30 day Jillian Michaels Shred Challenge I'm doing and then Stick to the P90X challenge I'm joining with some online friends. I want to have that great after picture!!

  9. The pumpkin seed bars look aazing!!! I've never heard of these bars before – I hope I get to try them!

  10. Now following them on Twitter. :)

  11. Hummm…I guess for 22 days I should be making time to study each day.This can be quite the challenge when I am teaching full-timeand attempting to complete a chemistry course…gotta do it though.Sort of goes hand in hand with your time management one.Those bars looks scrumptious!I think I would like to try…Chocolate cherry and Nut Butter top my list.

  12. Oh man, what a fab post (again!!!) It seems a lot of bloggers are posting about goals and growth opportunities and motivation for the new year, etc. and I'm thankful for that because after my competition I'm struggling with "goals" and having something to work towards. God knows I have PLENTY of things I can work towards to improve (in all areas of my life), but I am one of those people who likes a challenge to work towards daily. I've been feeling a bit melancholy ever since my competition was over. I guess the "build up" of 4.5 months of intense workouts and body transformation and then BAM!, it's over:( I'm really interested in running a 5K race this next year and trying my hand at running. I think that is one of the areas of "growth" I'm excited to focus on! :)

  13. I'd love pumpkinseed, too! Shocked? I didn't think so!

  14. The Goji Mate Firecracker sounds awesome (and not just bc of the *ahem* certain performance enhancing powers…) I'd also like the pumpkinseed, cherry chocolate, and mocha. Although they all sound awesome! Thanks for a great giveaway Lindsay!

  15. I don't tweet ( horrors) but on FB!Goji berry, pumpkin and or cherry chocolate sound awesome.I would like to follow MD orders to cut my caffeine!

  16. These bars sounds awesome! I really only eat one kind of bar because I try to stay away from soy as well. The Daily Mocha Mantra sound awesome.

  17. Daily Mocha Montra for me!

  18. Following them, too :)

  19. oh SWEET giveaway girl! I want to try the mocha kind! i love the creative titles!

  20. Now, as for my 22 day habit…I need to break a bad habit of negative talk.

  21. Now, as for my 22 day habit…I need to break a bad habit of negative talk.

  22. I would love to try the Mocha flavors. I'm going to have to check them out! Thanks for your post on my Boston blog post. I so want to try to do my first tri sometime soon! I'm so scared though.

  23. Umm, you had me at Mocha…. although any of them sound great!

  24. Oh my, they all sound so good! I'd like to try the Cherry Chocolate Bliss, Enlightened Pumpkinseed, Nut Butter Buddha, and Daily Mocha Mantra. YUM!I also followed 22 days on twitter.

  25. OH I would like to try the nut butter buddha crunch, the cherry chocolate bliss, and the pumpkin seed!! Those look sooo yummy!

  26. twitter/fb liking = doneany bar that GF, soy-free, dairy-free, vegan means yumminess just as nature intended it! mocha mocha mocha. it has coffee. 'coffee is the nectar of the gods (and athletes)' 😉 or nut butter…mmmmm. okay I would eat a bite of mocha then a bite of nut butter. 22 days goal…survive training camp. better yet- be faster than ever. to do this…fuel. lots of it. before, after, during and focus on learning what works best for me, and can use that knowledge in 2011 :-) I've got some unfinished business with that 70.3 miles…particularly the last 13.1…;)

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