Run to Become

I’m popping in today. I hadn’t planned on it, in fact I still have a few more guest posts lined up while we finish moving. But I just had to chime in this Friday with a little “ah ha” moment. Gotta love those!

So week has been tiring, mainly because I haven’t been sleeping. My mind has been going a million miles a minute and for no good reason. I think has something to do with that X chromosome. LOL! Winking smile But as I laced up my shoes to go for a run this morning, I realized my mind suddenly just stops OVERworking. I don’t pressure myself to go further, to become faster, to “squeeze in” every ounce of training I need for the Zooma race. Nope, I run to become more “me.” Grounded yet flexible, focused yet free spirited, passionate yet realistic. These are the characteristics I yearn to be as woman, wife, sister, friend, and daughter.


Sure I get UBER excited when I get new shoes, new gear, and new toys. I mean, who doesn’t?

garminvirrata pose

(Saucony Virrata shoe review coming soon!)

virrate collage

But these things don’t help me run to become “me.” They are used as training tools.

Running, to me, is a life tool.

A tool that helps….

Clear the mind “debris.”


Refresh me.

Shows me how to be more trusting and thankful


Let’s me pray, in solitude, in quietness.

I become more mindful of my surroundings and more self aware of my needs, not wants.


Running these days is never forced, but it’s there to embrace when the moment is right.

I think you could apply this to any passion in life, sport or non sport. It’s the thing that gives you an outlet to be YOU. A “free card” you might say. And although it doesn’t define you, it helps you to EVOLVE, or rather… TO BECOME.

So here’s to evolving/becoming. One step at a time!


What helps you to become more YOU?