Friday Finds and Blend Winner

Ahh yes, today is the day! I get to announce the Blend and Attune Foods winner. I think that’s the best part of my day, so stay tuned, well at least till the end of this post. Deal? Winking smile

Anyway, today I am feeling 110% better and I have a loving husband to thank for that. Okay and maybe a pair of Lululemon pants that I we can’t afford but totally makes me happy!


Come on, these would make you happy too, right?

Any, enough Lulu talk, let’s get to the good stuff.

Here are a few of my Friday Finds and Freebies from the week. Let me know if you tried any!

A few new favorite finds.

Plant Fusion Protein and the NEW baking NuNaturals sugar and flavor drops.


Love the Plant Fusion Vegan Protein. I always test out my vegan proteins in 2 ways.

  1. Does it sit well with my stomach?
  2. Does it taste well in Vegan Healthy Bites.

Yes and Yes to both! And I even used the peppermint NuNaturals in my Chocolate Peppermint Healthy Bites. Wahoo!

custom bites

Next up, a few wellness finds! I’ll be testing out these new finds in the upcoming weeks. First off, the NutriPRO juicer. It’s a cold press juicer, totally different than my centrifuge juicer. Cold press masticates the juice so you save more nutrients. I did my first juice today and so far so good! Maybe a vlog is in order, yes?

The probiotics were per my request from ReNew life. I don’t do pills very well so I thought I’d give these a whirl. Plus I love chewables. I know, I am odd. I’ll let you know how they do with my stomach in a few weeks. Good thing is that both the Ultimate Flora and Probiotics are free of dyes, sugars, or anything artificial.


And last but not least, my TREATS!! You know, the foodie treats. The paleo bread from Julian Bakery is so good! Grain free and gluten free! I need to learn how to make this myself. The flaxmilk with protein was a new find from Whole Foods. I like Flax Milk but I did not like the added protein. It curdled in my coffee. Ugh, hate that. Then there’s the new Nutty Butter flavors. Um, wow. Sarah is awesome. I love the Caramel Latte!!! Get your hands on some now. The Raw Cheddar was from our local pharmacy. I am kinda obsessed with raw cheese so I’ve made this purchase last all week. Why? Because it’s $ and I am savoring every ounce of flavor possible! But I do love the story behind this company, so it’s worth it.


phew! I think that’s it.

oh wait… the best part of this Friday!! The Winner of the Attune goodie bag and ticket to Blend Retreat. Random Generator picked Christa. I am so stinking excited for you Christa! WOOHOO! And I can’t wait to meet you at Blend.


Loved this comment!!

Okay, tell me what you found this week? Anything new? Have you tried any of these?