Thursday Thoughts & Love

There are things in life we should be fine with, but we’re not. And no matter how much we try and “act” fine, inside we want to stomp our foot like a toddler with a tantrum.

That was me this week. Although I did end up stomping my foot and then taking out my aggression in the weight room. I was sore.


But that’s probably the last thing I NEEDED to do to cope. Yes we are human and exerting energy does help us to be “more fine” with things, but only temporary.

So there I was, stomping away and not listening to God. I wanted my plans to happen, not His. I wanted to do my own thing and I wanted it NOW! (see, toddler tantrum–> mine mine mine)

That was until my tiredness set in, and in the midst of my weakness I prayed. Then I read this.


Because where I am weak, HE IS STRONG! Thank goodness for that!

Just a few Thursday Thoughts today.

Happy Valentines Day! Hope you know that you are loved, even if you have your “days.”


Signing off, humbled and thankful.



Tomorrow afternoon I will announce the BLEND retreat and ATTUNE Foods giveaway. Plus I’ll share a few Friday Foods & Finds! A much more light-hearted post. Winking smile



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