Dear Abby Friday: Oxa- whaaat?

Hey guess what?! It’s Dear Abby Friday! For those of you who don’t know, Abby is my neighbor. She’s pretty awesome. Plus she is a Holistic Nutrition Specialist so very similar to what I practice.


In fact, that’s why I’ve been recruiting her here. You see, I haven’t had much time to touch base on nutrition topics because I’ve been busy with other projects, healthy bites, training, etc. And to be honest, I’m okay with that. I love being a Nutrition manager but I am also pretty fed up with diet and nutrition trends these days. How’s that for a Friday rant? Haha.


But Abby’s perspective is SPOT on with mine. So here’s a recent question she received that you all might be VERY interested in. Don’t think too hard though, it’s Friday!


~ Disclaimer

The following are my own opinions based on research I have gathered. I am a Nutrition Consultant, NOT a doctor. If you have or think you may have any of the health issues mentioned below please see your physician. ~


Dear Abby,

“ What are Oxalates? I read somewhere that green smoothies are bad, and the oxalates they contain are like shards of glass in your stomach. But I love my green smoothies- I’m freaking out!”

Okay, stop the freak out. Really! It’s going to be okay. : )

~ Oxalates, what are they? Oxalates are organic acids that occur naturally in the human body. They also naturally exist in plants and animals. Our bodies convert many of the things we consume (like Vitamin C) into oxalates.

~ Why are they sometimes harmful? Kidney Stones- it is estimated that in the United States, 10% of us will pass a kidney stone at some time in our life. Oxalates can be harmful if over consumed by those who are PRONE to kidney stones. Kidney stones can be composed of different substances, but about 75% of the kidney stones in U.S. patients are made of calcium oxalate. When calcium and oxalate combine, they form a rather insoluble substance, resulting inside the kidney’s as “stones” but when normally combined inside the digestive tract, they are eliminated as waste. Scientific research offers evidence that uncombined intestinal oxalic acid could be the culprit for calcium oxalate kidney stones. Supporting good digestion, increasing dietary calcium and eating a variety of whole foods has been shown to support the body in processing oxalates properly.


If you are prone to kidney stones or remain concerned, here are a few simple tips to minimize the effects of oxalates:

• Increase your intake of dietary calcium primarily through plant-based sources, such as kale, kelp, collard greens, and romaine to name a few.

• Rotate your greens, eat a wide variety of greens and other vegetables, taste the rainbow! ; )

• Drink lots of water, this helps to flush out substances that cause the stones to form.

• Know your body; too much of anything after a time can be a bad thing. Lets try our best not to take anything to the extreme, there is much truth to “Everything in Moderation”. After all, the fun of being a foodie is discovering new (or new to you) foods and food combinations!

Now raise your glass of green, and cheers to not freaking out! : )



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So… have any Dear Abby thoughts, questions, etc? Leave a comment below.

Oh and cheers to FRIDAY!

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