February Extra’s and Healthy Bites Recipe

Hello Wednesday! Where in the world did you come from? I’m still trying to get caught up on life and work from this weekend, so today kinda snuck up on me, in a good way I guess.

Speaking of the weekend. It was busy, but I did have a few extra’s.

A few extra moments to get outside. It’s been 75F here all week. Crazy!

dog whisperer

A few extra Healthy Bite ingredients and GF cookie dough to make mocha PB chocolate chip cookies. hint: just add 1-2 tbsp crushed peanuts or PB flour, cocoa crispies, and coffee grinds to your next batch of chocolate chip dough batter.


A few extra BLOG FRIENDS that I got to chat and laugh with. Yes Katie, I’m thinking about the tattoo leg now.


A few extra goodies delivered and a few extra choices to make for breakfast. LOVEGROWN HOT OATS!

hot oats

I’m also thinking I’ll be needing some extra time this month. So much going on and some other things I need to focus on, like being a wife. We have few weekend trips and are moving. No, not out of the city, just down the road. Haha, I think I confused a lot of people in my last post.

That being said, I won’t be able to take on a lot of healthy bite orders till next month. BUT…..

I won’t leave you empty handed.  I’m gonna share a Healthy Bites recipe that you can make for your LOVED ONES this month. I mean it is February, the love month, you gotta make some treats for your valentines, ya know?

This is a tweaked recipe from my eBook. Just think of it as your “sneak peak.”

cherry chiacherry chia 2

cherr recipe


*Note:  i left out the chia seeds in the directions, but add them in with the nut butter and protein.

Let me know if you try them!

Oh and one last thing, there are only a FEW EXTRA’s days left to Register for the reduced ticket and lodging rates at Blend! It’s one heck of deal, but more importantly it’s one heck of a retreat. I’ll be sharing some Healthy Bites there as well! Yea!

blend 2013What do you need extra these days?