What is Wednesday.. It’s one of those days. So much to say, little time to say it. Therefore, paraphrase. Yes?

What is best paired with melted almond butter and dark chocolate chips? THIS!


Speaking of Chobani… What is Chobani Sponsoring this May? BLEND! They are the head SPONSOR for BLEND! I just bought my ticket so I’m going YAY!

blend 2013

What is amazing? ….GRACE!


What is a Kiwi Husband doing in a Texas Cabela’s hat? Hunting with my brothers and dad. Yes, what is hot? .. duh, my husband.


What is my version of Milk and cookies? Core Power and Cookie Dough Healthy Bites. Gluten free, lactose free, and protein packed!


What is my new training plan since I forgot that the Zooma race was in March NOT April? This is my plan. Not racing it, just running it! My Coach (aka the hubs) approved!


What is my new favorite white? Okay it’s a close second to Kim Crawford NZ Sauvignon Blanc. I may be bias though with anything NZ.


What is one super food that I like to sneak into my husband’s breakfast? Maca! You can read about all the benefits here.


What is one thing I just pinned because it looked too good to be true? Scallop BLT anyone? Winking smile


What is it with you today?



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  1. That scallop BLT is awesome! Too cute! I’m a red wine girl at heart, but every once in a while a viognier hits the spot. Is Yalumba difficult to find?

    I’m going to Blend, too! Can’t wait to meet you! :)

  2. Interesting about the Maca powder – I clicked on the link and read about it. I’m always confused about what kinds of superfoods and supplements I should buy

  3. My Chobani shipment just came today and I’m so excited to have some for lunch tomorrow. Not sure if I want to start with banana or pear?! ah!!

  4. SO jealous that you’ll be at Blend and I won’t be! That is the ONE blogger event I would LOVE to attend. And Chobani is sponsoring you? All the better. I heart Chobani — they just dropped me off some goodies today in fact. Love that!

    Also? I need to try this sauv blanc, if its anything like Kim Crawford, I’ll love it. HUGE fan of NZ sauv blancs!! (and hm it’s Winesday, what will YOU be drinking tonight my love?)

    • haha, no chobani is sponsoring blend, like the a BIG sponsor! they are awesome like that, whoa! healthy bites is kinda sponsoring me. hehe, trying to. I wish you were going. I need to see you! This wine is nothing like a sauv but it is so CRISP and good! hugs!

  5. This post was so fun and you are too cute! I just received my Chobani box today, and I’m definitely thinkin’ I need to try out your banana Chobani combo – yum!

  6. Yeah!! That’s so awesome that Chobani is sponsoring your trip. I’m still looking for a sponsor. Either that, or getting our house back in Illinois to sell, stat ;-)
    I’ve never tried banana flavored chobani! Sounds yummy.

  7. I’m so excited that you’re going to BLEND!!! Yipee!! And your version of milk and cookies? perfect.

  8. AHH banana chobani + chocolate chips FROZEN, then topped with almond butter. Say hello to my nighttime snack tonight!

    I wish so bad I could afford to go to BLEND. It would probably be a really good experience for me.

  9. those scallops look amazing!!!
    and yay for blend retreat!! we are so excited, we are thinking of getting our plane tickets here soon. trying to plan it all out ;)

  10. Mmm love a good Sauv. Blanc, or pinot grigio, or wine period ;-) I sure wish I could make it to the Blend Retreat. Just terrible timing again.

  11. I can’t do white wine, but reds….I’m all over those.

    I also don’t know if I’ve ever had scallops. I must have. Right?

  12. Isn’t maca supposed to increase sex dive? Hee hee.

  13. What is…the price of Greek yogurt in Singapore? Ridiculous.

    What is…a crockpot + cheesecloth for? Making your own!

    A girl’s gotta do, what a girl’s gotta do! :)

  14. I can’t wait to try the banana Chobani! And I so wish I could make it to Blend this year, but it is right in the middle of my finals week, ugh. :-(

  15. I love love love that you are getting to go to the Blend Retreat— it will be amazing! :) and I’m loving the Zooma Run plan— I approve of that one too! I need to get on my own training plan for running…maybe this week I will get together a marathon plan. oops. ;)

  16. I’m so glad you are going to Blend! I can’t wait to give you a huge hug!! :) I just got my Chobani in the mail, and the hubby is ready to dive in!

  17. Those scallops look delectable! And I love all the cross training on your run plan! What is one way to stay warm in weather ranging from -26 to -42? Stay inside and put on winter PJs at the earliest possible time!

  18. Scallop BLT? I would jump right off the vegan train for that one I think…maybe…

    I like this idea of “run not race” considering I’m SO SLOW and probably always will be. That doesn’t mean I still can’t enjoy it, right?


  19. I want to go to BLEND — how cool would it be to meet you?!?!? BOO teacher salary and schedule =p

  20. I SERIOUSLY cannot wait to get some more yogurt soon – I’m going through withdrawals! And FINGERS CROSSED that I can go to BLEND this year – I would love to hang out and explore Park City!

  21. I tried the pear chobani today. SO GOOD! I’m going to have the banana tomorrow. :) Happy Wednesday girlfriend! xo

  22. Ohh I love the “run not race” training plan! So less daunting! I also love the banana CHO, but I mean, who doesn’t love that. ;) I need to try adding nut butter and chocolate to mine!

  23. SHUT THE FRONT DOOR! Guess who else is going to Blend??? huh huh huh ;)

  24. Kim Crawford = droooool. Such a good wine. I’m staying at a vineyard down south (from Christchurch) in Wanaka over Easter…. argh would be perfect for you & the hubs – heaps of hiking trails, mountain biking, fishing…. WINE!!

  25. What is ridiculous? The price I’d have to pay for airline tickets to get to Blend :( IF I start walking now, maybe I can make it by May…

  26. Melted almond butter, chocolate and Chobani? Heaven. Love the GRACE- that it will be uncomfortable. So true. Um…… your version of milk and cookies is the best version I’ve seen yet. :)

  27. Banana chobani sounds amazing!!!
    The retreat will be so much fun you will have a blast!!!
    I want to taste that white! I love white wine.

  28. NZ can make some wines!

    Park City will be amazing, can’t wait to hear more.

    Santa would be fit as a fiddle if he tried your version of milk and cookies:)

  29. I had no idea there was a banana chobani now. Sounds amazing!
    I also really like that Viognier!

  30. What made my day today? you did – totally won my over with that ending of a scallop blt. :)

  31. mmm yogurt snack sounds super yummy :)

  32. I have not tried the Kim Crawford yet but it sounds lovely! Um and chobani w/ almond butter and choc chips?! You are speaking my language!!

  33. love that you are going to the retreat! love that you sneak maca into your hubbys food. love that you are running zooma though i suspect you will do very well and love your training program!

  34. Your coming to UT? OH ME OH MY we absolutely must get together. Park City is beautiful and I have a feeling you wont ever want to go back home. :)

  35. yummmm! that BLT looks insane! I LOVE Kim Crawford Sauv Blanc!!! And I must try that Viogner then too! I also must try that Chobani banana combo, holy yum!! PS Blend! SO WANT TO GO!

  36. I love the new banana! SO good!

  37. Now I really want to go to The Blend retreat! I somehow have got to find the money. MUST Goooooo

  38. i wish i was going to blend!!

  39. Oh my word that scallop BLT… too cute! And delicious ;) I would absolutely love to go to the Blend retreat but that whole lacking money business puts a damper on things lol

    • i knew you’d like that! goodness smothered between two favorite sea creatures. LOL! Wish you were going to blend too! Maybe i’ll come visit you after.

  40. Chobani banana plus melted almond butter and dark chocolate chips!!! OMG sounds so delish!

  41. I love running to run in races too! A nice balance to all your fitness activities! And, sorry to miss the BLEND retreat again this year–I’ll be a swollen belly at that time! :)

  42. What is something that rocked my Facebook wall two days ago? That scallop BLT! I actually included it in tomorrow’s post! Thanks for sharing, friend. You sure do know how to make this girl hungry. :)

    You won’t believe it (but you should)…I’m already nearly finished with my Healthy Bites! My goodness were they delicious. Next order? The chocolate chip version featured in this post, please. :D I’ll be emailing you this weekend! :)

    Oh, and the passage about grace really hit home. Thanks for including that. <3

  43. OMG I love Kim Crawford and even love the price better! :) It’s a fabulous white for anytime of year. Just saying…XOXO


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