What is Wednesday.. It’s one of those days. So much to say, little time to say it. Therefore, paraphrase. Yes? What is best paired with melted almond butter and dark chocolate chips? THIS! Speaking of Chobani… What is Chobani Sponsoring this May? BLEND! They are the head SPONSOR for BLEND! I just bought my ticket so I'm going YAY! What is amazing? … [Read more...]

Wellness Walk and Talk


I’ve got a cup of tea in my hand and lots on my mind. Usually when this happens I just shut down. But today I am writing it out. You see, I’ve been meaning to write this post for a good while now. But things came up and my priorities changed and, well, I delayed it. The funny thing is this post was suppose to be about my wellness TEA challenge. I signed up for the Celestial … [Read more...]

Cotter Brew


Happy Sunday folks. Not a real post going on here. I’ll save that for Monday. But I promised myself, and a lot of others, that I would post the Kombucha Tutorial Vlog. And guess what? I finished it! First of all, if you are interested in growing your own scoby, you can read my tutorial on my old blog here. Or you can go straight to the Kombucha Queen and read … [Read more...]

Things I Love and Love Grown Giveaway


First off….THANK you FRIDAY! And thank You to Jolene for Guest posting Wednesday. It was so fun to read all the Barre love. Second.. I need a feel good post, full of.. well… LOVE! Here goes. Things I love (particularly this week too!) I love that my husband is back from Alaska and brought me souvenirs! I love that I actually feel womanly again. Wait, let me explain. … [Read more...]

Benefits of the BARRE


I am still trying to “break the fast” of life right now. Yes, still working on it. Progress, YAY! But today I wanted to share a guest post from one of my BBF’s. What’s a BBF? I totally made it up. It means Best Blog Friends, aka blends. I have known Jolene for a few years and have had the privilege of getting to hang with her in person. She is one of those friends who is … [Read more...]

How to Break the Fast


We all know what breakfast is, am I right? It literally means to “break the fast.” So clever, eh? But really. Breaking a fast from a night’s rest. Feeding our body and fueling it for the day. In the Cotter house, we like to break the fast a little different each day. I know I know, some people have their go to breakfasts’ each and every morning, and that’s totally fine, but … [Read more...]

Thursday Thoughts, Things, and Vlog Review


Should I shorten that title to TTTV? nah, too complicated. We don’t need to overcomplicate things too close to Friday now do we? Thursday thoughts, things, and vlog. Yep, stay with me here. I’m actually posting 2 days in a row, a rarity. But this a time sensitivity issue. You must get it on this discount before it’s up. More on that below. First, some thoughts: Thought … [Read more...]

What I’m (fairly) Certain of Wednesday


Can I do that? Can I do a spin off WIAW? I think so. I know Jen won’t mind. She’s cool like that. Plus I need to release (share) some thoughts and it just so happens that I have a few recent food pics to go along with it. I am fairly certain, yes I say fairly because there is a 1% chance I might be wrong on a few of these things, but 99% of the time I a right and it … [Read more...]

Gluten Free Savory Sausage Bread Pudding – Recipe Makeover


This past Christmas the hubs and I decided to start a few new traditions. You see, we’ve always been away during Christmas and staying with friends and family, but this year we were home and decided to take advantage of it. We went hiking, cooked a nice meal, watch the Christmas story, and enjoyed OUR time. Then later Christmas day we ENJOYED some other family dinner traditions … [Read more...]

Weekend Encouragement


Maybe you need these words this morning, maybe you don’t. No wait, I take that back. You probably do, you just didn't realize it. Maybe these words hit home. Maybe you needed some affirmation, some encouragement, or a feeling of peace. Maybe just maybe, you need some weekend encouragement so that you can tackle that Monday motivation. Majority of these posters have … [Read more...]