Catch Up & why Orange is the new Green

Oh goodness, you’re in for some randomness today. First of all, I was too lazy to type out everything that I wanted, hence the video. Second of all, I did this video late last night. It was a long day, so bare with the cheesiness and wine talk. Third of all, if you end up making it through the whole video, you’ll know why I am hooked on carrot juice and nutrient packed smoothies right now. Healing foods! Orange MONSTERS are the new GREEN monsters, you knew that right? Well, maybe it’s not but I’m gonna try to act cool and start that trend. Smile with tongue out

Here’s why I am starting an ORANGE MONSTER trend:

Carrots for Stomach Remedies


    • The carrot has been called the poor man’s ginseng as it contains more than 490 phytochemicals.
    • Carrots, especially carrot juice, are a sure-fire ticket to better stomach and gastrointestinal health. Carrots improve a variety of digestive problems such as:
        • Upset stomach.
        • Peptic ulcers.
        • Gastritis.
        • Crohn’s disease. (chronic inflammatory disease affecting the whole of the alimentary tract)
        • Diarrhea. Celiac disease
    • Chewing of carrots increases saliva and quickens digestion by supplying the necessary enzymes, minerals and vitamins. Regular use of carrot prevents the formation of gastric ulcer and other digestive disorders. Carrot juice is an effective food remedy in ailments like intestinal colic, colitis, appendicitis, peptic ulcer and dyspepsia.



Stomach Soothing Smoothie
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
Recipe type: Snack
Serves: 1
  • vanilla almond or coconut milk
  • ice
  • yogurt kefir (i use goats milk)
  • handful of watercress leaves
  • frozen pineapple (1 cup)
  • 1 serving of protein (I used vanilla)
  • Orange Extract (NuNaturals has a new one!)
  • honey or stevia (to taste if you don't have NuNatural Orange)
  • 1 cup 100% carrot juice
  • xanthum gum (1/4 tsp)
  1. blend and serve.

Try it, your stomach will thank you! Or mine will for you.

And lastly, I’ve been catching up on Healthy Bite orders and new flavors. Thank you all who ordered! I’ll be giving away a free box in the BLEND Retreat Raffle drawing too. Now, if only I could be there to hand them out personally. Maybe next year, yes.. for sure next year!


Apricot Coconut Fig & Praline Apple PB Crunch…. new flavor LOVE!

Catch me UP on you!! Setting any New trends these days?

If you are going to BLEND, have a blast and hug your hostesses!




Here are the May theme links I mentioned from Katie and Janetha’s blogs. Check them out!

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  1. Thank you for the love girl!!!!! I love you to pieces I tell YOU!!!

    I love just plain straight up carrot juice, trader joe’s actually sells a carrot juice that is JUST carrots, no other crap added!

    Love u!

  2. never knew all this about carrots! very cool!

  3. I love plain carrot juice so I’ll have to try this. Green monsters are so 2011! :)

  4. Hmmmmm we have carrots in the house…may need to do something with those :)

    Your smoothie recipe sounds DELICIOUS!!! Too bad momma doesnt have a blender :( Boo!! Also your healthy bites look AMAZING!

    • you buy just plain carrot juice and combine pineapple and orange juice with it. that would work! Hope you are recovering well friend.

  5. Love you girl – you’re so stinkin’ cute!!! I had no idea about the carrots. Very cool. thank you for sharing. And I hope James finds his path soon. I can’t imagine the frustration he must be going through. I know it will all work out for him. And fingers crossed for you and the food situation. Hugs!

  6. I went through a carrot juice phase last year and have totally forgotten about it since, but that stuff is so underrated! Your new flavors sound to die for too, I’ve been seeing lots of tweets and instagrams about them :)

    • Bust it back out! i think it need to go with your collection of jars. haha. And yea for healthy bites. I am working so hard to get these suckers out there. :P

  7. Sable@SquatLikeALady says:

    I *love* carrot juice! =D It tastes much better to me than green smoothies personally – I know, I’m a heretic!!! =X

  8. Mmmm carrot juice is so delicious! I need to make it more often :) I’m normally just used to orange sweet potato smoothies, but now I gotta get some carrot action in there and embrace even more orangeness haha
    Sending hugs and love your way!

  9. Hmmm Blessed awareness.. I’m gonna have to work on that one.

  10. I love your video updates! I am praying for you and your stomach issues and for James as you two decide what’s next for him, and for you. And you once again show so much poise and strength as you go through this, personally, and not allow yourself to get too frustrated and down about it, but doing what you CAN (yoga and walking) until the time comes. Love ya girl, and you look great as always XOXO

  11. i definitely need to try a stomach soothing smoothie (say that 3x fast!). my tummy has been angry at me lately – i think i narrowed it down to…DAIRY!!!!!!! hoping your tummy is doing better, and JC is recouping and mentally/physically charging up for the rest of the season.

    • btw, i just thought of you – i had like 3 cups of cooked carrots with my roasted turkey today….and i might make a carrot juice tonight as well. will i turn orange?! ;)

    • no dairy!! bummer. tried the coconut yogurt yet? I like the kefir. I think you’d like it.. maybe? How’s the new training? I always love hearing from you.

  12. sorry to be OCD commenter over here, but I like your mantra a lot. i know what its like to suffer from stomach issues… and you are facing it so bravely. i literally have less than 10 foods that i can eat without illness and sometimes it gets really annoying, because I’m wanting to be able to experiment with new stuff or new-to-me stuff, but i always try to remember that i’m lucky to have those 10 foods! maybe that will be my mantra: “i’m lucky in my limitations”. plus… they are tasty foods– chicken, fish, shellfish, turkey. i sure love to look at and admire other people’s food “porn” but now i take pleasure in the aesthetic of food presentation of things like cupcakes or smoothies or cheese plates that I’ll never be able to eat, rather than lusting after the variety of tastes they might provide. i think anyone can get to this point of separating food pleasure from food lust, and i hope that will give you hope! whatever is going on with your stomach, i hope that they can diagnose it and you can find those special foods again that you can eat and really enjoy without pain / malabsorption / tums issues. if you ever get really annoyed feel free to vent to me about it, it’s a tough change to go through but you’ll make it! (and yoga always helps)

    • i adore that mantra! SO TRUE! And so cool! We may be limited but those foods are rich and nourishing and tasty. This is a season of life where we must trial and error, or at least I do. haha. Thank you for such amazing words. AWESOME friend!

  13. Great to know about the Carrots! Thanks for sharing that! I’ll have to give it a try! :)

  14. Wow – I’m not a big carrot person, but I’m going to look at them differently next time! And I’m so glad I’m one of the lucky people who got some Healthy Bites recently – SOOOO good! :)

  15. I had no idea that carrot helped with stomach issues. This is so helpful, thanks for this post.

  16. I’m really sorry you are going to much right now. Unknown issues are so frustrating and overwhelming. I’m glad you are taking everything day by day and just going with the flow. That is really all you can do. I hope they have an answer soon for you! Many hugs to you my friend!

  17. Haha wine wednesday’s, love it! :D I never knew that about carrots. Very interesting!

  18. ahhhhhh thank you for posting this about carrots! I am getting sooooo sick of my green monsters and this would be a nice change. I have GI issues — mostly related to gluten, but my body has a hard time processing ANY starchy carbs. And that’s basically what I’ve eaten in the past week … because I was all “i’m going to follow LiveFit’s high and low carb days” — wrong!

    Anyway — can’t wait to meet you this weekend. Although, I am seriously regretting my decision to drive instead of fly.

    • oh good! yes, these are good non-grain carbs. good for the ol’ tummy. Let me know if you try it. I don’t get to go to blend this year. Finances got in the way, but hopefully i will see you in austin, right?!

  19. is it just me, or are carrots magic? i literally bought lbs in peru and carried them in my pack up macchu picu! my fellow hikers always teased me b/c every time we stopped they pulled out granola bars and i pulled out a carrot. whatevs – i beat them up every climb! :)

  20. Wine Wednesdays are the best :)

    Great info on the benefits of carrots! Hope everything works out well for you soon!!

  21. I just bought a juicer off of craigslist (well, my mom and dad bought it for me, since it’s in Albuquerque… so I’ll be getting it this weekend) and I can’t wait to do some juicing!

  22. Oh I love this video — I’ve missed your face (and voice!). Particularly that you taped the video with wine in hand. Always a good thing in my mind. :)

    I’m rooting for you guys in a big way, seems like a lot of potential change for you both. Change can be very good and very uplifting and I hope it ends up being that way for you both. I love the idea of counting your blessings and being so AWARE of them, such a great way to think about it and even better, a way to live your life. xoxo friend

  23. Love it!… Thank you!

    I have always LOVED carrots. They are a near daily “must” in my diet. They’re so good raw, a bit of hummus, dipped in some dressing, with PB, etc.

    I consider them my little orange wonders that make me happy and love eating them! :-) I shred them into most any meal I can… just cause I love them. Hmm… strange? I hope not! :-)

    I’m glad, too, my wee one enjoys them! Actually, she’s a fruit / veg stand inside… the more fruits and vegs, the better! :-) … along with a little calcium :-)

  24. Ooo good thing I’ve been eating more carrots lately ;). You are awesome Linds…loved watching your vlog! Is Crohn’s something that doctors have been looking into? My brother has had it since he was 8. And I love that you were drinking wine during the video. I just may have a glass tonight hehe

    • well that haven’t ruled that out yet, but i hope its not. Hoping its just something i can fix or avoid all together. Will know in the next month.. hopefully. at least i have my wine. haha, CHEERS!

  25. i loved your video….i watched it last night :) good luck with the gut healing… very sorry you are dealing with this. sometimes i think walking and yoga are better for our heart, mind, and body! enjoy it :)

  26. I love seeing your face and hearing your voice :)
    Hope you get some answers about your tummy…keeping you in my prayers girl. Look forward to hearing what y’alls plans are…hang in James!

    Hugs <3

  27. I cannot watch the video right now because I am at work. hehe But I eat about 1lb of carrots every single day so I am taking it that is a good thing. ;)

  28. Good to know about carrots as I have practically all those health problems, so I know how you feel :p Bleh. Unfortunately I really hate carrots but I can them down when I get creative. I think I will try that smoothie recipe with the juice.

  29. Baby girl just had carrots for the first time last week… now she is on squash. I think she would enjoy the love of orange on your blog.

    • did she like the carrots? i think all kids like carrots… with ranch? but i am sure your little one has not had that combo yet. haha.

      • She did like the carrots! But her pallete is milk, formula, rice cereal, carrots and (now) squash… so I think she is excited for new tatstes.

        Ranch? LOL. No, that’s how daddy eats them.

  30. Great information as usuallllll miss Lindsay :D I love me some carrots so bring em on!

  31. Orange stevia and carrots….this is really weird, but I ate lunch a few hours ago and it was leftover curried Carrot Orange Soup!! I made it with orange stevia and, yes, carrots.

    Get out of my head!

  32. My dad used to drink plain carrot juice when I was a kid, and I thought it was such a “hippie” thing to do! I have avoided it for years but maybe it’s time to give it another try!

  33. Thanks! My 10 year old daughter LOVES carrots so it was fun to show her this post!

  34. well of course I “made” it to the end of the video! it is like having a girlfriend date! right…

    carrot juice I am a know my GI is not the best so I tried that and it is true it does help.

    • i always love your GI advice. Thank you! and I am glad we’re getting somewhere with nutrition remedies. How are you feeling these days?

  35. I had no idea that carrots were good for the stomach in that way. Might just have to go out and buy some now. I too love hearing your voice! I hope that you are able to get some more concrete answers soon. I hear you on feeling humbled. Definitely makes you appreciate the little things.

    • Gosh Christine, i know you know that feeling. It’s humbling but in a good way. Very thankful for the bodies ability to heal, right?!

  36. CARRRROTS!!! I love carrots and carrot juice so much…I’m actually orange because of it. I use carrot juice, all sorts of juices in my smoothies…couldn’t wrap my head around spinach and almond milk for some reason so I’ve always used the carrot juice! soooo yummy! :) and your post has just totally justified my love of carrots!!!!

    • try it with your vega!! It’s good, promise. use pineapple or mango too. Oh yea! are you ready for HI?

      • haha that’s the only way I drink the vega- carrot, orange or some kind of tropical mango/orange combo, with kale, spinach, or other veggies, and some mixed berrries with mango or almond vega! :)
        HI…not even close to ready. But I’ve got two weeks to get ready…and get the bike ready.

  37. This is so great! We love carrot juice and we always knew it was good for us but we never knew how good so I am sharing this with my husband tonight. He has gastritis so he will be extra happy to hear how much it helps!

    Keeping you guys in my thoughts and prayers for a speedy and healthy recovery! Loved the video :)

  38. I’m sorry about all the trouble with James, and hope you all figure it out soon! I am praying you find some answers on your tummy troubles soon!! I like the idea of wine Wednesday :) Wow, I had no idea of all the benefits of carrot juice! I’m kind of excited about it though because I eat SO many carrots, probably too many actually because the bottoms of my hands and feet are orange haha.

    • oh yea!! orange lisa. You look good orange. haha. and thank you, we’re getting answers. Just one day at a time. Wine wednesady cures all! haha.

  39. I eat carrots most days for my snacks, but it’s like… a carrot chopped up. Not near what all I need, haha!

  40. I never jumped on the green monster bandwagon, but I will happily try out the orange version! There’s something much more appealing about slurping vibrant orange than swampy green. :-p More importantly though, I’m loving carrots’ digestive benefits! I didn’t know that they ease stomach ailments; such great news. :-D

    Your wine Wednesday video was just the catch up I needed. I’ve been a bit MIA due to thesis-writing (I finished tonight, so I’m back now!), and was feeling out-of-the-loop about the happenings in your life. Like you, I too have cut out hardcore endurance training. It’s been challenging giving it up, but like you said, there’s a time for it, and right now happens to be a time for something else. It feels so good to know that I’m letting my body rebuild, after years of overtraining/running. :)

    HUGS! xoxo

    • sara,

      CONGRATS on finishing your thesis! you are amazing. and i am so glad you are finidng rest. I feel as if we have been through similar waves of life friend. You are a blessing and encouragemen to me. Hope we can continue to support each other.

      • YOU are a huge blessing and source of inspiration in my life, too. <3 I am here to offer support and a lending ear ANY time. And I agree–I feel as though we have very similar stories. Hopefully we'll be able to share them over a glass of wine someday. Happy Friday, friend! xo

  41. Orange IS the new green here too for the uh….nongreen eating husband anyway ;-)

  42. I NEED to start drinking carrot juice. I definitely eat carrots daily, but in March, I found out I have lots of ulcers in my stomach (genetics) … and whenever they try to decrease my medication, I feel like I am write back where I started!

  43. I’m so glad you caught up on my HB order–seriously, amazing!

    I always learn something from you Lindsay–cheers to orange and the healing powers–hoping your health is on the mend and better each day.

  44. Really??? Interesting. Carrot cake’s on the menu! ;)

  45. I hope both you and James figure things out without too much added stress. In the meantime, enjoy the wine!
    Very interesting about carrots. Thanks for the smoothie recipe!

  46. yum, this smoothie sounds wonderful. we love carrots!!

  47. Just now saw and watched this post. Wow.
    A) You’re too cute. For realz.
    B) So very sorry for all you’ve obviously been dealing with and with such an incredible attitude and others-centeredness. You are truly the strong woman behind your man…that much is clear. Praying for clarity for both of you and peace in the midst of it all, and sending you my love.

  48. Hey chicadee – just wanted to share a funny story on the carrots/orange foods. In 2010 I got mono and was out for almost 5 months, but when they were first diagnosing me they kept looking at my hands and saying “do you go tanning??” then they were SURE I had hemachromotosis b/c of the color and my diet. Um, no to both. I guess I’m just a bunnylovin carrot eater!!

    Hope things are on the upswing and your tests continue to bring results. Keepin’ you in my prayers!

    • Love that story! I think an orange tan is a good thing. haha. And thank you for the kind words. Prayers are awesome. How are you doing?

  49. Love how you posted a video Lindsey! I also like the idea of Wine Wednesday . . .


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