10 Meaningful Snapshots

No WIAW today. I know, sad. Still, go check out all the WIAW on Peas and Crayons now and start drooling.

I have something else to share. You see, last night I was lying in bed setting my alarm on my phone when I accidently hit the pictures tab. All my pictures I had snapped (via crackberry) popped up and I found myself scrolling through them all, one by one.

The funny thing about phone pics are that they are usually the most random, yet so meaningful. These pictures say “I don’t have my fancy camera but I must capture this moment ASAP!” This moment could be for someone who you are thinking about, for yourself and/or keepsakes, or maybe for a little humor to brighten your day.

These pictures all mean something to me. So follow me……..

 a journey through my Crappy Crackberry Camera!

This was the hubs sitting in a bucket of ice after a race.
Doesn’t even look like its phased him that it was probably for ice cold drinks! haha.

ice bath

Our first REAL vacation post World Champs last year.
No training, no races, just beach time.


Rescuing the hubs on the side of the road.
Yes, I am the wife that carries spare tubes and tire gear in my car……for this purpose!


Driving through the Golden Gate Bridge on our way to Vineman 70.3 last year.


This was actually a few weeks ago, driving to the race site in Portland.
Mt. Hood was so vivid and GORGEOUS!


One of my ADORABLE nieces. I gave her a Lara bar for the first time.
She is now addicted to the blueberry muffin!


My hubs’ favorite Mexican joint that we FREQUENTLY visit. Need I say more??


I sent this pic to the hubs when flying back from Portland. We were on the tarmac in a small little shuttle. The hubs loves planes. He used to fly planes acutally, still has his pilots license ya know? Winking smile 
I picked up these fillets the other day and just had to send a picture to Dorry.
 Cause I am a dork, but I was excited!
Luckily, she got a kick out of it. Right Dor? IMG00584-20110717-1637
And my very favorite blurry phone pic…..when the hubs won Steelhead 70.3 last year.
I love this picture. I believe in him. Always have and always will.Cotter Win

So there you have it friends. A crappy “crackberry” snapshot of my moments.
They still make me smile each day.
What moments are captured in your phone?
If you are up for it, post them and let me know!
Lets keep this going.


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  1. not a bad blogger at all. Love it! I think the iPhone takes way better pics! Lindsay________________________________

  2. oh you are so kind! i love the birthday wish! and p.s. I love that you made Kimichi today, its my favorite!Lindsay ________________________________

  3. i love how pictures can express so much. Don't even have to talk, thank goodness. haha!Have a great day T!Lindsay________________________________

  4. definitely feel blessed to have him!Lindsay________________________________

  5. oh kalli, you make my day with your comments. Thank you! That moment is priceless, tears of joy and inspiration!Lindsay________________________________

  6. amanda!! good to hear from you. Hope is well! Glad you enjoyed the pics. Lindsay________________________________

  7. I noticed on runnernspice you said it's your bday today. So i thought I'd stop by and wish you a happy birthday! :)

  8. What a great post!  I loved looking at all your pictures.  But I'm one of those people who can lose hours looking at photos and just remembering.  I have turned lazy as of late.  I have a nice SLR digital camera but rarely use it anymore because of my phone camera.  It just does such a good job that it's become my camera of choice.  And it looks like it's your birthday!  So, Happy Birthday!  I hope you have a great day!

  9. Why thank you Meg! You are too kind.Glad to "meet" you!Cheers,LCSent via BlackBerry from T-Mobile

  10. Awesome post! I love looking back at the pictures on my blackberry and remembering what we were doing. My favorite one is a picture of my youngest and my Dad, it's the last picture anyone has of my Dad alive. It was taken 2 days before he was killed. 

  11. Oh jen, what a priceless picture. I hope you can get it printed off and framed. <3Sent via BlackBerry from T-Mobile

  12. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I hope you're having a great day friend!

  13. Lindsay, are you on Instagram?! 😀 If so, add me add me!And I hope you're having the most marvelous birthday right now, this second!

  14. my brain isn't working and i can't remember if i've already posted here, but if not, i seriously love the first one in the ice tub–i can't tell you how many times i've considered the same thing after a race!! :)  my phone seems to capture all the fun "drinks" pictures–it's a running joke that my best friend and i never have just one drink (at a time) anywhere we are–for me there's always a water and then it depends on what the 2nd (or 3rd) option is…so we take pics of our multiple drinks and send them back and forth to each other.  it's our way of sharing experiences even though we live 1000 miles apart.

  15. Long time lurker – wanted to delurk and wish you a very Happy Birthday!!

  16. mona you just made my day! thanks for delurking!:)Lindsay________________________________

  17. bahaha I bet dorry cracked up over that text =) What a lovely post darling! I love wasting tons of time going through old photos sometimes! so relaxing! <3

  18. its the best waste of time ever! and next time I will take a pic of almond joy. :)Lindsay________________________________

  19. dooooo it! <3

  20. oh i love that tradition/joke! Are you gonna post these pics or am I gonna have to beg?Lindsay________________________________

  21. awww, I wish I had iPhone! Is it on blackberry? If so, I am jumping on instagram ASAP! thanks for the bday luv.:)Lindsay________________________________

  22. thank you Holly! Its been good. Just wish I could have skipped work a bit. hehe. Lindsay________________________________

  23. iPhones has such good quality! I agree. and thanks for the bday wishes. So thoughtful of you Jen!Lindsay________________________________

  24. I love all the snapshots!  You know I am obsessesed w/ photography…my phone is full of random shots.  I have done a few posts w/ just pictures too : )  Hope you had a great bday Linds!  Happy almost Friday!!Big hugs for you!

  25. I love this!  Thanks so much for sharing!  most of the pics on my phone are of things that made me giggle.  Very few serious shots!

  26. LOVE that last shot and what you wrote about it. So precious. You two are a beautiful couple!

  27. giggle shots are the best! please show some! too fun!Lindsay________________________________

  28. you totally inspired me with this post! picture guru!Lindsay________________________________

  29. What a fun idea. I found myself doing just this on my lunch break today. I was bored so I started looking through old pictures on my phone. I found a lot that I had forgotten about. 

  30. oh do it!! i want to see those pics!Lindsay________________________________

  31. thanks RAch. I like to think I am blessed with such an amazing man.:)Lindsay________________________________

  32. I just got a new phone (which I love), but I was sad to 'lose' some of the pictures on my last phone.  I loved the little moments – snow cone faces, airport shots and 4 year old self portraits.  Your neice has such beautiful eyes! 

  33. Oh these pics are lovely!  I find myself scrolling through mine but wouldn't you believe Cooper dominates most!! ha ha!  You area  model of spousal support!!

  34. sadie dominates a lot of mine as well. Our furr babies are the world to us, right?:)Lindsay________________________________

  35. I absolutely love the last pic. It is a PERFECT action shot and everyone around is cheering and trying to snap one too. You are such a great wife you inspire me! And Maudies is always my first stop when I go home to visit the parents :) 

  36. girl you better make it austin soon so we can go to Maudies!! any trips in the near future?Lindsay________________________________

  37. I missed your birthday! I hope it was amazing and filled with love, life and laughter. :)  I love these snapshots.  I enjoy using my camera to get nice photos but there are definitely moments when I would trade it for a hand held phone for moments that I thought didn't require the nice lens but turned out to be priceless.  :)  Right now my phone doesn't take or receive photos.  It's a dinosaur. :)

  38. oh thanks steph. It was a good birthday. I love candid shots. I think youre pretty good at taking those. Especially with the kiddos. Now we just need to get you a new phone!;)Lindsay________________________________

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